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Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cool Air? Here’s What to Do

There’s nothing worse than when your air conditioning unit stops blowing cold air, leaving you to suffer in the sweltering heat. Your AC could be struggling for many reasons, a few of which are simple to solve and a few that may need assistance from your local Brisbane aircon specialists. Let’s take a look at the common causes and solutions for fixing an AC that’s stopped cooling.

Common Reasons for an AC to Stop Cooling

When an air conditioning unit isn’t looked after or it starts to get old, it’s common for it to suffer a few problems. It’s recommended to inspect your AC at least once a month and call in professionals for servicing and maintenance at regular intervals. Common reasons your aircon may have stopped working include:

  • Dirty/Blocked filters
  • Dirty/Blocked evaporator coil
  • Blocked condensation drain
  • Shortage of refrigerant
  • Vermin damage to internal components
  • Power supply problem

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Aircon Problems You Can Solve

Clogged Air Filter

The purpose of the filter is to strain dirt and debris from passing through into the indoor air supply. When it gets clogged, minimal air gets through providing less air to cool. The evaporator coil could also freeze when the air filter is too dirty, stopping cool air from passing into your home. If using washable filters, aim to clean them every month.

Dirty Condenser Unit (Outdoors)

The evaporator unit on the inside of your home absorbs heat and transfers it outside to the condenser unit outside. If this is clogged up with dirt and debris, it will not do its job releasing heat and your AC will struggle to keep your home cool. Ensure the condenser coil is free from debris such as plastic bags and leaves. If the condenser coil is blocked with dust or pet hair, it is ok to use a garden hose to wash out the coil.


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When to Call in Local Brisbane Aircon Specialists

If you’ve ruled out all the above reasons for your Air conditioning unit not cooling, it may be time to get assistance from a professional Brisbane, Caboolture, Logan, Redlands, and Sunshine Coast air conditioning service company. We can help with the installation of a new split or ducted system or help you design retrofit your ducted air conditioner system A licensed split and ducted air conditioning technician has the correct tools and knowledge to get your AC in tip-top condition and comply with any local or national building codes. Aircon problems only a pro should solve include:

  • Low refrigerant level
  • Faulty compressor
  • Damaged components
  • Any electrical issues

The longer you leave your air conditioning to struggle, the more risk there is to your investment. Talk to Temper Troops for fast, affordable aircon servicing and maintenance. We service the whole of Brisbane Northside from Geebung, Virginia, Aspley, Bridgeman Downs, Fitzgibbon, Carseldine, Boondall, Taigum, Albany Creek, Nudgee Beach, Bracken Ridge, Deagon, Eatons Hill, Shorncliffe, Sandgate, Brendale, Bald Hills, Strathpine, Warner, Brighton, Bray Park, Lawnton, Cashmere, Joyner, Griffin, Murrumba Downs, Clear Mountain, Petrie, Clontarf, Kallangur

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