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The sub-tropical climate in Brisbane provides locals with sunny weather all year round, so having an efficient air con system in your home or business is essential. A good air conditioner repairs Brisbane service in your home allows your family to enjoy consistent and comfortable temperature conditions, regardless of the weather. A quality air conditioning system in the office means your employees can focus on providing quality services to your clients.

The breakdown of an air conditioner can really throw a spanner in the works. The comfortable environment you previously enjoyed suddenly becomes unbearable, with no escape to more ambient temperatures. When you need dependable air conditioner repairs near me specialist, call the Brisbane experts at Temper Troops.

The experienced air conditioning technicians you can trust for air conditioner repair Brisbane service

We understand the effects of a broken-down air conditioning system. Whether it’s a single unit, a ducted or split system, we are the company to call for your air conditioner repair near me needs. With our proven experience and expertise in the air conditioning industry, there are no AC unit repairs we can’t handle.

We offer a professional Air conditioner repairs Brisbane service throughout Queensland!

From Brisbane to Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast, we have built a solid reputation as the go-to air conditioning specialists. Our qualified technicians will provide the most cost-effective solution to rectify your air conditioning problems.

Our team at Temper Troops is here to help you with all your air conditioning needs. Our experienced technicians are the best in Brisbane. They are fully qualified, insured, and licensed to operate. We recommend you put them to the test. Their high-quality workmanship is unparalleled in Queensland!

If you have any inquiries about air conditioning repair, contact the North Brisbane air conditioner repair experts at Temper Troops.

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Ducted air conditioning systems are a popular choice in air conditioning units, mainly due to their aesthetic appeal. Because of the hidden duct works and electrical cabling, it is important to seek expert advice and services when the ducted systems break down. Our ducted air conditioning repairs Brisbane team is happy to take care of your ducted air conditioning systems; even systems not installed by us.

Do You Need Your Ducted Air Conditioner Serviced?

As the premier Brisbane air conditioning experts, we are committed to ongoing training of our servicemen, ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest air conditioning brands, equipment, and cooling systems. You can be assured that every ducted air conditioner servicing will be performed to the highest industry standard.

For prompt and efficient aircon repairs Brisbane needs on your ducted system, call our air conditioner service Brisbane team today! 

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Split system AC repair Brisbane

Is your split system air conditioner having electrical faults? Electrical problems could make your air conditioner noisy and potentially damage the circuit boards if left unchecked.

Our experienced technicians can analyze the issue in both your indoor and outdoor unit and trace the source of the problem. When it comes to electrical repairs in split systems, Temper Troops will ensure your AC unit performs at optimum efficiency for its entire life span.

Our air conditioner repairs Brisbane team will restore your AC unit back to fighting shape!

Have you noticed a strange smell coming from your air conditioning unit, and you’re not sure what it might be? A musty smell in split systems could indicate the growth of mold or mildew or the accumulation of other particles. Mold and mildew are caused by damp conditions that may result from a clogged drain.

To prevent this, our technicians can install an AC safety switch that detects accumulated water and automatically shuts off your ducted system. This effectively stops the water from overflowing and damaging your property.

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For split system repair and electrical services, call us today!

Our experienced air conditioning team will perform a diagnosis and locate the problem with your AC unit. Whether it’s a simple repair job or replacement of the air conditioning unit, our efficient service experts will ensure your air conditioner works as good as new!

Who do you call when your split system air conditioner makes a mechanical noise? We highly recommend getting in touch with our professional team at Temper Troops. Our experience with split system AC units will enable us to provide you with a detailed analysis and response in no time.

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For repair or replacement of split system air conditioning units, contact the Brisbane air con professionals. We provide interest-free payment plans for our repairs and services.


While residential and commercial air conditioning systems both serve the same purpose, they have quite significant differences. The requirements of a residential home are very different than those of a large retail space or multi-unit office.

The power usage, maintenance cost, indoor design, and electrical capacity are just some of these differences. The needs of a commercial air conditioning unit need to be met by a specialist in commercial cooling systems.

For all your commercial air con repair needs, contact the Brisbane air specialists at Temper Troops.

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commercial air con repairs Brisbane needs!

From our services in BrisbaneNorth LakesCabooltureRedcliffe & Sunshine Coast, we have earned ourselves a stellar reputation across the Queensland region as the go-to specialists for commercial air con repairs Brisbane services.

Our knowledge of trusted brands like DaikinAdvantage Air & Mitsubishi Electric allows us to offer prompt and professional service to businesses in the Brisbane area and beyond.

We offer high-quality Air conditioner repair near me Brisbane services

at competitive rates!

All of our air conditioning services are charged at competitive market price rates. If you’re a local business owner requiring prompt installation or repair services, call the Brisbane air conditioning experts at Temper Troops.

Why Choose Temper Troops' Air Conditioning Repair Brisbane?

At Temper Troops, we have a local team of qualified electrical technicians with the experience and know-how for all your air conditioning needs.

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Our specialists offer a wide range of residential and commercial air con services; including installations, repairs, and expert aircon maintenance Brisbane service.

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We have a professional team with in-depth knowledge of all the trusted brands; including Mitsubishi Electric, MyAir, Advantage Air & Daikin.

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Affordable prices. We pride ourselves on being an honest and upfront service provider. By choosing us, you will receive high-quality services with no hidden costs.

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Here at Temper Troops, we offer a written warranty for all of our services. That’s how confident we are in our Brisbane air conditioning repair services.

Don't suffer in silence; get in touch with Temper Troops aircon repairs Brisbane experts today!

Don’t just turn to any local company to install your new air conditioning systems. Reach out to the number one air conditioning installation expert in the Brisbane region, Temper Troops. All of our air conditioning system installations come with a warranty of service.

Our Additional Air Conditioning Service Brisbane

At Temper Troops, we not only offer repair services for your air conditioning units, but we also supply, install and service air conditioners. This includes both normal split and ducted systems as well as reverse cycle split systems and cycle ducted systems.

As the air conditioning professionals in Brisbane, developers and homeowners in Brisbane regularly seek our advice in the design of their commercial offices and new homes. Our qualified technicians will advise you on the most suitable and energy-efficient cooling systems for your project.

Call Temper Troops for unparalleled air conditioning services in Brisbane!

Contact us today via mail or our online form with your installation inquiry. Our friendly customer service team is on standby to answer all your questions.


We supply and install all types of air conditioning brands for both residential and commercial use. Whether it’s a Mitsubishi Electric or the MyAir system, we have the knowledge and equipment to ensure a prompt and seamless installation.

A complete and customized air conditioning installation service goes a long way in ensuring your air conditioners are effective and efficient. Our team will advise you on the most suitable AC unit that meets your residential or commercial requirements.

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After the installation of a new system, most homeowners and businesses forget about the maintenance and servicing requirements of their air conditioners. A lack of regular aircon maintenance Brisbane service is a key contributor to the breakdown of AC units as well as various respiratory complications at home or in the office.

A properly serviced air conditioner consistently operates at peak condition. It is energy efficient and it enhances the comfort of your indoor environment.

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At Temper Troops, we not only offer aircon repair Brisbane services for your air conditioning units, but we also supply, install and service air conditioners. This includes both normal split and ducted systems as well as reverse cycle split systems and cycle ducted systems.

As the air conditioning professionals in Brisbane, developers and homeowners in Brisbane regularly seek our advice in the design of their commercial offices and new homes. Our qualified technicians will advise you on the most suitable and energy-efficient cooling systems for your project.

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Here at Temper Troops, we have been installing, servicing, and repairing air conditioners in the Brisbane area for more than a decade. When invited into any home or office space, we treat it as our own. Our experienced technicians will handle the project at hand with the highest degree of professionalism.

Thanks to our specialized care and attention, our customers have come to expect a certain level of consistency in the quality of our services. Our air conditioning repairs Brisbane technicians take great pride in providing high-quality services that guarantee complete customer satisfaction!

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