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Want to make the switch to a more noise-efficient air conditioner? Our specialists at Temper Troops ensure quality ducted air conditioning Brisbane property owners can rely on. Founded in 2011, our company specialises in ducted air conditioner installation, repairs, and servicing. We operate in Brisbane, North Lakes, Caboolture, Redcliffe, and Sunshine Coast. Our team comprises licensed electricians and refrigeration mechanics ready to serve both residential and commercial clients.

Making the switch from wall-mounted units and split systems to ducted air conditioning comes with many perks. Ducted air conditioning installation can be tailored to your specific needs and are great for both office and home applications.

Our licensed and insured team offers top-notch ducted air conditioning services Brisbane locals can count on

At Temper Troops, we’ve been installing ducted and split air conditioning systems throughout the Brisbane area for years. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to detect major and minor issues, recommend cost-effective air conditioning solutions, and implement best practices for an efficient installation process.

Our crew members are fully trained and licensed to diagnose a range of common ducted air conditioning problems, make repairs, and offer tailored solutions. We’re also equipped with specialised equipment and extensive industry insights that allow us to install your ducted air con as safely and efficiently as possible.

From the initial consultation to the installation of a ducted air conditioning system for your property, we ensure that you are kept informed at every step of the way.

Considering getting ducted air conditioning in Brisbane?
Here's how it works

Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane North

As the name implies, ducted central systems work by circulating cool air and warm air via a system of ducts. The two main parts of ducted systems are the outdoor and indoor units, which work together to pump air through ducts in the roof space. Usually, there’s a steel coil inside the duct to enhance strength and energy efficiency.

What makes this a better option for spaces with multiple rooms is the ‘zoning’ feature, which divides the area into different subsections. Zone controls allow you to stop airflow to unoccupied rooms, ensuring that cool or warm air is delivered to zones that need it.

And during the colder months, your running ducted air conditioning unit can provide complete climate control by keeping the space warm.

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From Daikin to Advantage Air,
We'll Recommend The Right Ducted Air Conditioning System For You

Whether you need a new ducted air con unit for your property or replacement parts for your outdoor unit, we can offer high-quality units and sourced parts.

We cater to all makes and models of ducted air conditioners by top air conditioning brands like Daikin, Advantage Air, and MyAir. And when you need a new installation, we’ll make sure to recommend the right air conditioning solution to meet your needs.

Benefits of Brisbane ducted air conditioning systems

There are plenty of reasons you should consider installing ducted air conditioning Brisbane locals love. Let’s look at the benefits of the ducted system:

  • Flexible ducted air conditioning installation means that you can get tailored air conditioning solutions that align with your specific needs.

  • You can choose from a range of energy efficient systems by high-quality brands to help reduce running costs and your electricity bill.

  • With zoning features, you get an energy-efficient ducted air conditioning system that ensures a steady stream of warm or cold air in specific areas.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity means that you can control the air conditioning system remotely using a device like your smartphone or iPad.

  • You can incorporate a retrofit ducted air conditioning system in a new build or replace an old unit in an existing property, making it an excellent choice for various applications.

Need a Ducted air conditioner Brisbane locals trust? Here's our process!

Here’s our step-by-step process for installing your Brisbane ducted aircon and ensuring that the air conditioning system can effectively cool your entire house while keeping power bills low.

Install the outdoor unit

The first step of setting up your cooling system involves installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner along the side of your property. This keeps it out of sight, out of mind! The latest inverter technology allows outdoor units to maintain the desired temperature while using less energy.

Place the indoor unit

Next, our team at Temper Troops installs the indoor fan unit for the air conditioner, which is the largest piece of equipment we’ll set up in your home. In cases where roof space is limited, our ducted aircon Brisbane experts can come up with tailored solutions that tackle even the most complex of cases.

Zone control features

Next, we provide zone control settings so you can control how much air each room is getting. You can choose between basic on/off systems to a more sophisticated zone controller that ensures conditioned air is distributed evenly across the floor plan. We’ll help you select an option that lets you determine temperature settings for different areas while keeping costs low.

Flexible ducting

Setting up flexible ducting within your roof space is what allows ducted air conditioners to deliver heating and cooling almost silently. Rest assured that we choose quality ducting that meets minimum energy performance standards for different types of properties. We select locally-made ducting that’s designed to meet the needs of our local climate. This way, you get a ducted air conditioning system that’s built to last.

Exact air regulator

Wondering how the ducted air conditioner system regulates the amount of air going to each zone of your property? We install Exact Air regulators that allow you to adjust each zone’s airflow. By connecting the ducts in your roof space, they provide improved airflow control without compromising on energy efficiency. This way, you won’t have to deal with cold spots or drafts.

Air grilles

Lastly, we install outlets that diffuse air from the air conditioner ductwork or direct it back into the return air vent. You can choose from a range of different aircon air grilles that don’t just blend in with the design of your home but provide added functionality as well. Your options range from basic round grilles to 4-way directional grilles, allowing you to customise every aspect of your ducted aircon system.

Why Choose Us For The Best Ducted Air Conditioning in Brisbane, QLD

On schedule

Worried that your new ducted air conditioning units won't be up and running in time for summer? When you give us a deadline, we stick to it and get the job done as per schedule.

Competitive pricing

Whether you need us to service, repair, or install ducted air conditioning systems, we offer competitive pricing and payment plans to help you upgrade your unit without financial stress.

Licensed and insured

Our crew members are fully licensed to offer air conditioning installation, servicing, and repairs in Brisbane. We also carry comprehensive insurance coverage to address any liability concerns.

Quality workmanship

We're confident in our ability to provide tailored solutions that meet your needs, which is why we offer a guarantee. If you're not satisfied, we'll come back to address your concerns.

Safety code compliance

As licensed professionals, our Temper Troops' crew members are well-versed in local regulations to make sure that each job adheres to industry standards and complies with current safety codes.

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