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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Even the best quality air conditioning unit will need replacing at some point. When you’re considering replacing your commercial or domestic air conditioning in Brisbane, it’s important to know the signs to make the best decision.

Most new AC units have a lifespan of anywhere from 10-20 years and that can vary wildly depending on the environment the system is installed in and whether it has been regularly maintained. As air conditioning systems begin to age, even with a regular maintenance plan, it is possible that some wear and tear can result in faults that require repair. You can contact your local aircon specialists to repair problems, but as your unit ages, it can sometimes be a more economical decision to totally replace your air conditioning system.

How To Know If Your Old Air Conditioner Needs Replacing

It can be tough to decide whether to just keep repairing your AC, or have a whole new system installed. Temper Troops, your local aircon experts in Brisbane, can help you with your decision. Below, we will also discuss some factors you should consider.

1. Are Your Energy Costs Increasing?

If your energy costs are constantly increasing, especially when you are running your aircon frequently in the Summer, this could point to your system not running efficiently. Cleaning the filter or repairing a problem may have an effect in the short term, but as the system ages it will likely have to work harder to keep going, thus keep increasing your bills.

2. Is Your Air Conditioning Above 10 Years Old?

A well-maintained aircon can have a working life of up to 15-20 years. If it hasn’t been looked after, you may see problems around the 10-year mark or even earlier. If you’re calling in your local Brisbane aircon specialists on a regular basis, it may be more cost-effective to have the unit replaced.

3. Do You Turn Your Aircon Up High and It Still Struggles to Cool the Room?

If you have a ducted aircon, maybe you experience one room being super cool and another being warmer, even when you have it set to the same temperature? Maybe your split system air conditioning is turned up high, but still fails to cool the room? Both of these situations point to your aircon showing signs of wear and it could be better to just replace the whole system. A site inspection by your local Brisbane Air Conditioning experts, Temper Troops, can help you decide.

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4. AC Repair Cost: Are You Calling an Aircon Specialists for Repairs Frequently?

If you have your local air conditioning specialists on speed dial and you’re starting to see them regularly, it probably is time to replace your system! Frequent breakdowns and costly repairs will all add up and a new system can be more cost-effective. Generally, if repair costs are 30-40% of the value of the system, definitely get it replaced and you can take advantage of a new warranty and peace of mind of a new efficient air conditioning system.

5. Is Your Home Environment Starting to Feel Uncomfortable?

Has your home started to feel warm in the summer and cold in the winter even when you select the desired temperature? Have your allergy symptoms started to get worse, especially when the aircon is on? This all points to your aging air conditioning not functioning properly or perhaps you have a system that is not suited to your application.

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