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How Ducted Air Conditioning Works and Why You Need It in Your Life

Air conditioning in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture or anywhere in South East Queensland is like part of the furniture – a complete necessity. Aircon units work by drawing in air from the room, passing the air through the evaporator coil, and then propelling the air back into the room/s. This process absorbs the heat from the air and chills the air so it can be dispersed back into the room/s and achieve the desired temperature. Whether a home or commercial property, ducted air conditioning has become an effective way of cooling large areas at a low cost.

Ducted air conditioning and ductless systems both work well at cooling. Ducted aircons are different in the way they can cool multiple rooms via one central unit. Split systems or ductless systems need a unit in every room that wants cooling.

How Does Ducted Air Conditioning Work?

Ducted aircons work from a central unit with ducts running through to different rooms. The internal fan coil sits on the roof of your property. All installed ducts run from this central point and can be controlled individually via the zone control system. This means you can control air flow according to your needs which is called ‘zoning’. You can control temperature via a remote or by pressing buttons on the thermostat attached to your wall. At Temper Troops, we recommend the MyAir zone control system by Advantage Air.

Advantages of Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane?

Ducted air conditioning can be a little more expensive than one or two split systems to install. This is because it is a more invasive procedure, adding ducts to the roof space to each room. But, the extra effort pays off, as it has many added benefits that split systems do not.

  • Seamless look with the main unit installed in the ceiling
  • Cool multiple rooms with zoning
  • Easy to control from one central thermostat or smart devices (with MyAir control)
  • Less noise disturbance
  • Value for money as you can cool your whole home. Split systems need a unit in every room

Is Ducted Air Conditioning Cheaper to Run?

While ducted aircons are a little more expensive and difficult to install, they are actually cheaper to run if you want to cool the whole house. To cool the whole house with split systems means you’ll need a unit in every room which requires which will likely consume more energy to run.

Is it Cheaper to Replace or Repair a Ducted Aircon System?

Deciding whether it’s best to repair or replace your ducted aircon can depend on a few factors. If your system is starting to get old, it is having problems frequently, and has already been repaired a few times, it might be more cost-effective to just replace the system. Replacing a ducted aircon that is continually failing, will save on continued repair costs and increased power costs when the unit struggles. Replacing your ducted air conditioning system may be cheaper than the initial installation cost, as it may be possible to re-use some of the components of the existing system such as the flexible duct, power supply circuit, and other ancillary items.

If your ducted aircon is experiencing its first real problem, calling in your local aircon specialists is advised. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning will help to prevent future problems and ensure that your family is breathing clean and healthy air.

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