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We service the entire Sunshine Coast, from Caloundra to Noosa. Whether you’re looking for a brand new installation or service repairs and maintenance for your current ducted air conditioning systems, we can help you with your aircon needs. Give us a call on (07) 3293 0005 anytime to schedule an appointment. You can also find our Sunshine Coast Office with a click of a button, on Google Maps.

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Sunshine Coast locals enjoy pristine beaches and a subtropical climate with warm weather all year round. During the summer months, when the heat turns up, it’s not just the temperature that rises—humidity levels on the Sunshine Coast can hit upwards of 90% and the air can become stifling and uncomfortable.

Most local residents and businesses choose to have air conditioning installed to ensure they keep cool and comfortable indoors, regardless of the heat outside.

Temper Troops are the specialists in air conditioning installation on the Sunshine Coast locals trust. We offer a wide range of quality residential & commercial air conditioning at an affordable price. Give our friendly customer care team a call today—we can help find the perfect air conditioning solution for you.

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Ducted Air Conditioning System
Ducted Air Conditioning System Sunshine Coast

Daikin ducted systems make use of inverter technology. As a result, less power is used with these air conditioners and the ducted system runs more efficiently and quietly. It’s a win-win. You can enjoy an ideal indoor climate with a system that’s effective and discreet and cut the cost of your power bill!

Ducted air conditioning units are set to operate certain zones of the home so your entire home doesn’t have to be cooled if certain rooms aren’t being used. Bedrooms can be kept at a warmer temperature during the day and cooled at bedtime. You can control the temperature in rooms that receive a lot of shade during the day and set another temperature in the rooms that receive more sun. Zone temperature control helps keep cooling costs down.

Another advantage of ducted systems is that they leave less of a footprint in each room, in terms of aesthetics and space. The majority of moving parts are located outside or in the ceiling or roof space so you can enjoy the look of your home as well as the indoor climate.

From our experience, Daikin ducted reverse cycle air con are one of the leading brands on the market. With their sleek inverter technology, there are a number of benefits to having a Daikin reverse cycle system, including premium quality construction, compact design, and powerful but energy-efficient climate control for every room. If you’re considering a ducted system, we highly recommend you consider something from the  Daikin air conditioners range.

Call the Sunshine Coast air con professionals at Temper Troops today, and ask about our ducted home climate services.

We have all the major brands; MyAirDaikinFujitsu, Mitsubishi Electric ducted systems. Our Sunshine Coast ducted specialists are experts when it comes to reverse cycle and inverter technology. With our professional service & expert advice, let us help you find the right domestic air conditioning solution that works for you.

Talk to the Sunshine Coast air conditioning services specialists—contact our friendly team today for a free quote. Whether it is home or commercial air conditioner solutions, Temper Troops can match you with the right system for your air con needs with expert air conditioning service.

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Older homes on the Sunshine Coast often lack quality insulation; as a result, the summer heat can be unbearable the ceiling fans just can’t cool. Ducted systems may not always be the right air conditioning option for older properties.

Thankfully, if you have an older property, you can still cool your home. A split system air conditioning unit will ensure your home remains at a comfortable temperature while maintaining its natural charm.

Split systems are also a great option for Sunshine Coast homes, if only a certain area of your home needs to be cooled. Or perhaps you have a granny flat or studio that needs cooling but don’t want to add to the existing ductwork of your current system. There are a number of situations where we might recommend you install a split system air conditioning unit.

Split system air conditioners consist of two units—a condensing unit, which is located outside, and an internal unit, which is located on the internal wall. Piping connects these two units together.


split system air conditioner sunshine coast
split system air conditioning sunshine coast

A lot of our Sunshine Coast customers choose to have a back-to-back system installed. With this installation option, the interior and exterior units are mounted on either side of an external wall of the home. This reduces the amount of wiring and piping needed to join the two components.

Do you have an inquiry about split system air options? From servicing, installation or all systems or anything refrigeration to electrical, we have a wide range of professional quality services to address all your climate needs. With full warranty on all our heating and cooling products and fully licensed fast installations, we have an affordable solution for every budget, whether domestic or commercial we aim for excellent service & best value ducted aircon Sunshine Coast systems from initial contact for anything from maintenance, servicing, repairs & installation. We have the equipment & electrical expertise for all your residential and commercial customers needs.

Call or email our pros in air conditioning on the sunshine at Temper Troops for a free quotes today. Our friendly expert team is ready for anything from repair, install, servicing, general refrigeration and electrical maintenance issues. The perfect high standard energy efficiency split system solution for you which is reliable, helps the environment & is budget friendly is just a phone call away.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Sunshine Coast

Do you own commercial premises or business on the Sunshine Coast?

Temper Troops Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Service and Installation team can help you select and install the ideal commercial refrigeration that gives your shop, office, or warehouse the perfect ambient temperature.

Call or email our aircon specialists for friendly service & customer satisfaction today and one of our air conditioning installation Sunshine Coast specialists can help you find the perfect system for your commercial or business premises. Find out why we are the number one name in air con installation, commercial refrigeration & electrical services in the Sunshine Coast region.

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