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Air Conditioner Vs Fan: Which is Better for Your Home?

The two main ways to cool your home are by air conditioning and a ceiling fan. The main differences are — air conditioning cools down air in a room and a ceiling fan pushes air around a room. While both make a difference, ceiling fans never achieve the icy coolness you’ll get with a quality […]


Air Conditioning Not Blowing Cool Air? Here’s What to Do

There’s nothing worse than when your air conditioning unit stops blowing cold air, leaving you to suffer in the sweltering heat. Your AC could be struggling for many reasons, a few of which are simple to solve and a few that may need assistance from your local Brisbane aircon specialists. Let’s take a look at […]


How to Fix an Air Conditioning Unit That Smells Bad?

Have you noticed a nasty smell in your home, that seems to creep out when the air conditioner is running? This can point to problems with your aircon and if not addressed, can even lead to your health being compromised. If you have your air conditioning running frequently, it’s likely to need some maintenance at […]

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5 Signs Your Air Conditioning May Be Making You Sick

You’d be hard pressed to find a home without air conditioning in Brisbane. They are an essential tool for Australian life. It keeps you cool on those hot, sweaty days and even warms you up on those cool mornings. While an aircon is like part of the family, could it actually be working against you […]

Split System Vs Ducted Aircon Brisbane: Pros and Cons

With Brisbane having year-round warm weather, it’s likely you have an air conditioning system in your home. There’s nothing better than coming home to a cool house at the end of a stifling queensland summers day, right? Fully functioning aircons are well worth the investment, but which type of aircon is right for your home? […]


5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Even the best quality air conditioning unit will need replacing at some point. When you’re considering replacing your commercial or domestic air conditioning in Brisbane, it’s important to know the signs to make the best decision. Most new AC units have a lifespan of anywhere from 10-20 years and that can vary wildly depending on […]