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What Do You Expect From an Air Conditioning System?

If you live in a climate that needs first class temperate control, you probably are fully aware of the complexities of heating and cooling your home. Long gone are the days when you simply installed A/C units on a rule of thumb basis. Both climate change and rising costs have firmly put a stop to […]


Cut Down on Repair Costs by Having a Regular AC Maintenance Plan

Maybe you’ve just recently had a new air conditioning system installed by aircon specialists and you’re thinking why do you need a maintenance plan if its brand new? If your air conditioning system has been installed by experts, you’re not likely to need air conditioning repairs anytime soon, but getting a maintenance plan from the […]


Let Temper Troops Keep the Sunshine Coast Cool

It can get hot and humid on the Sunshine Coast; new research shows that the coming warm months are going to be record breaking. Make sure that you are staying cool with Temper Troops. Saving Money Buying the right air conditioner can save home owners money. Therefore, air conditioning is a great investment on the […]