Myplace-the smart home solution

Are you looking for the ultimate in Australian smart home solutions? Do you need a home automation system that can be integrated with your current smart home products?

Look no further.

MyPlace is the complete home automation system, proudly brought to you by the smart technology innovators at Advantage Air.

MyPlace offers remote control access to your household devices and features a range of affordable add-ons to enhance your home life. From air conditioning to lights and fans, and even garage doors, MyPlace is the ideal support system to complement your busy lifestyle. You don’t even have to be home to use it!

Thanks to MyPlace, managing your home has never been easier–you can control your smart home features simply by using a touchscreen pad, or an app on your android or tablet.

MyPlace is the complete smart home solution you’ve been looking for.

MyPlace smart home system

MyPlace Smart Home System by Advantage Air

Advantage Air has a stellar reputation when it comes to providing secure and efficient smart home solutions to Australian households. MyPlace is no exception to the rule.

MyPlace offers the ultimate experience in smart home technology and is compatible with most hard-wired devices up to 240 volt. MyPlace can also integrate with your current smart home products like Alexa and Google Home, which means you can use voice control to optimise your home.

Included with your installation, is an easy-to-use 8-inch touch screen control panel that allows you to manage multiple household items in one place, through your wifi network.

MyPlace also offers remote access services via the MyPlace app on your android or tablet.

Have you left your house and forgotten to close the garage? No problem. MyPlace can offer remote control of your garage doors with just the press of a button on an app. Thanks to MyPlace, you can control the security of your home, even when you’re not there. The MyPlace app is not only convenient but is also simple and intuitive to use.

When it comes to smart systems for your home, as well as exemplary customer support, there is no better product in Australia.

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MyPlace Home Automation System

Installation of your MyPlace Home Automation System

MyPlace smart home automation system is simple and affordable to install.

Depending on your needs, MyPlace can be connected to most 240 volt household items giving you easy control of air temperature, lighting, fans, and garage doors, without the need for additional costly wiring.

All of the MyPlace add-ons can be managed through an easy-to-navigate touchpad menu, which is installed in the main part of your home, or via the MyPlace app on your android or tablet. You don’t even have to leave the room to control the comfort of your home.

If you already have a MyAir air conditioning management system, it is easy and affordable to upgrade your current system with the MyPlace smart add-ons of your choice.

Call the local MyPlace experts at Temper Troops today for all your home automation needs. We offer complete support when it comes to selecting, purchasing, and installing the MyPlace add-ons that are right for you.

MyAir - the smart air conditioning solution

MyAir is the leading Australian smart air conditioning management system, brought to you by the innovators at Advantage Air.

MyAir optimises your air conditioning experience, by offering user-friendliness and flexibility that’s a cut above the rest.

Unlike other systems, where zones are automatically made up of several rooms, MyAir zones each individual room of your home for the ultimate in climate control.

Controlling the climate in every room is beneficial for many reasons. Each member of your household can set the desired temperature in their own room, to their own specific preference, which improves the overall enjoyment of the home for everyone. Gone are the days of arguing about the house being too hot or too cold. With MyAir, it’s just right.

Individual room zoning can also help to reduce your electricity bill—by giving you complete control of the rooms that need heating or cooling, there is no wasted airflow to the rooms that aren’t in use.

MyAir is easy to use–you can control the ambient temperatures of your home with the supplied touchscreen pad. Simply tap on the “Zones” section of your screen pad to see the current setting for your zones; from there, you can manage the air in each individual room.

For additional comfort and convenience, MyAir can also be controlled via an app on your phone.

MyAir is compatible with all leading air conditioners, from split-system to ducted air.

MyPlace Smart Home Price

MyPlace is the ultimate smart solution for Australian homes and it isn’t hard to see why.

Boasting affordability, straightforward installation, compatibility with most household items, and ease of use including remote app access, this smart home system is second to none.

To find out more about MyAir and MyPlace, including pricing, call your local professionals at Temper Troops. We are the Advantage Air smart technologies specialists—we can help you choose the Advantage Air products that best suit your needs. We also supply and install, providing a comprehensive handover that ensures you will get the best performance from your smart system.

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