Ducted Air Conditioning Systems for New Homes

Temper Troops are ducted air conditioning installation professionals, staffed by a team of qualified refrigeration mechanics and electricians with extensive experience in installing ducted air-con for new homes and homes currently under construction. We don’t make any compromises in our installations, and carefully look over the plans of your new house to ensure the ducted installation is completely seamless. We’ve established close relationships with Daikin and Advantage Air to provide high-quality products at incentivising prices, and all our installations include a five-year warranty. Please get in touch with us to organise a ducted installation in your new home.

We can install new home ducted systems, even if they are not included in the contract by the builder of your new home. We’ve liaised with numerous builders before, and work with them to slot in a time during the build process where installing a ducted system is most feasible. Before installing, we carefully analyse the building plans and discuss our intentions with you to ensure your installation doesn’t affect the construction process.

By opting to have a ducted air conditioning unit installed in your new home, not only will you save money in the long run with their proven efficiency superiority, but you’ll also be saving on installation costs by having it installed when your house is more accessible for ducting, rather than having it retro-fitted with completed ceilings and walls already in place.

Split-System vs Ducted:

Ducted systems are a good investment if you intend to be in the home for some time. Once you’ve lived in a house with ducted aircon, you’ll never want to go back to a split system again, and here’s why:

  • Greater efficiency than multiple split-systems
  • Less noise
  • No bulky interior units
  • One single outside unit
  • Control over individual room temperatures (When fitted with MyAir)

As ducted systems allow for greater control over energy consumption, they tend to have lower operating costs over the long-term, when compared to multiple split systems. You’ll find that in addition to their increased efficiency, there’s less noise and less variance in temperature around the house. Last but not least, and perhaps the most important feature for some people, there’s no bulky units scattered around the house; everything is centrally powered.

MyAir Installation:

MyAir is an innovative climate control system that differs from traditional ducted temperature control systems in that you don’t need individual buttons or remotes cluttered around the house; temperature can be controlled from your tablet or smartphone device, even when you’re not home. You can set default temperatures, individual room temperatures, as well as automatic shut off times from your phone or tablet, allowing for personalised comfort around the house.

Included with MyAir will be a smart tablet with the MyAir application installed. When your system is connected to Wi-Fi, this tablet will act as a central control unit for all the ducted zones around your house. All our MyAir installations come standard with individual temperature sensors, allowing for more accurate temperature readings from each zone. Included in your quote will be a price for your ducted system with and without MyAir.

Ducted Air Conditioning

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