Upgrade and Replace Ducted Air Conditioning Unit with Precision

Do you need to replace your air conditioner system? Are you in need of a new unit that can keep up with Qld’s unbearable climate?

Temper Troops can install ducted air conditioning to replace your existing unit.

Our Brisbane, Caboolture, and Sunshine Coast teams of specialist air-conditioning installers, all experienced in replacing existing ducted air-conditioning systems, are all fully qualified professional and reliable tradesmen and technicians. We’re staffed by both qualified refrigeration mechanics and electricians, allowing us to complete your entire installation in-house. Our teams will carefully look over your existing system and house plans, providing a solution that is optimized for your house.

Worried about the ducted air conditioning replacement cost? Well, don’t be. As the premier air conditioner company in the region, we price our services at competitive market rates. Depending on your needs, our quote will include replacement of the air conditioning unit, repairs to the existing ductwork, and new refrigerant pipework to the new air con unit(s).

Please give us a call to organize a site inspection for a replacement ducted installation.

Daikin Ducted Systems

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Over the years, we’ve found that out of all the major air-conditioning brands, Daikin provides the highest quality domestic ducted air-conditioning solutions on the market.

Daikin has a proven track record of providing durable, efficient products coupled with unrivaled customer service. Daikin ducted air conditioners come with a five-year warranty covering both parts and labour—attesting to the level of confidence we put into the units we install.

As Daikin dealers, we’re able to provide competitive pricing on Daikin-branded ducted systems, further incentivizing our customers to choose a high-quality replacement unit that will stand the test of time.

Alternatively, we can source a specific make and model for you if you have a preferred brand in mind.

Please give us a call for a quote for a replacement Daikin ducted air-conditioning system.

Replacing your ducted system is usually quite a simple process.

Air conditioner units that use foil or metal ducts tend to be able to be re-used without modification, as they’ll outlast the initial air-conditioning unit. After inspecting your ducts to make sure they’re okay for re-use, we simply upgrade ducted air conditioning by replacing your old unit with a newer model. Once we’ve finalized the installation and performed a check to ensure all functions work correctly, we’ll take your old unit and dispose of it responsibly.

If you wish to include MyAir with your new system, the existing ductwork may need to be modified to suit the Exact Air regulators which precisely control airflow to each zone.

How to Upgrade ducted air conditioning Units

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MyAir Smart Air Conditioning

As many of the ducted systems we replace were installed 10-20 years ago, most of them will have very simple zone control systems in place.

Over the years, technology has improved and there are now much more convenient and energy-efficient solutions available for domestic households. MyAir is an innovative zoning solution manufactured by Advantage Air, and it allows customers to regulate individual temperatures of each room from their phone, even while outside their house.

Features include:

  • Tablet controller
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Superior energy efficiency

When we provide you with a quote for a replacement ducted system, we’ll include a price for a MyAir-equipped system, as well as one without it. Retro-fitting MyAir to ducted systems is usually a simple process, and we find that the benefits far outweigh the cost, especially when taking into account the energy savings that the system can provide.

If you have a split system air conditioner system, don’t hesitate to contact us. Temper Troops has a similar service that is suitable for your split systems.

The Process to Replacing ducted air conditioning unit

If you have been searching for information on replacing ducted air conditioning unit you might be overwhelmed with the number of options available to you.

There are several brands offering a cooling solution that is guaranteed to keep your house or office cool. But there are several other important factors that need to be taken into consideration, like the integration of the new air conditioners to the current system, the client’s cooling/ heating requirements, and the insulation features in each space.

Contact the specialist team at Temper Troops for sound and professional advice before you make that final decision.

Get in touch to discuss the process of upgrading ducted air conditioning systems in your home, including how to replace old ducted air conditioner units. Call Temper Troops on (07) 3293 0005.

How much does it cost to replace ducted air conditioner?

The cost to replace ducted air conditioner can vary dramatically depending on if any parts of the existing system can be re-used. 

We always need to conduct a site inspection to give a formal quote for a replacement system. It could vary between $8k to $18k depending on the size of the system, what can be re-used and the complexity of the job

Repair or replace your

ducted air conditioner

Since you bought your air conditioner system all those years ago, your reliable ducted ac has been providing service faithfully. Then it starts acting up. Impromptu refrigerant leaks, a strange noise every time your power it up, and increased running costs are some of your problems.

The question is do your repair or replace your ducted air conditioner?

In truth, there is no straightforward answer in such a situation. In some cases, your air conditioner might require a simple tweak and you will still be able to achieve the desired temperature in every room. In others, a new air conditioner is more economical as a long-term option.

Here are some factors to consider, to help you determine when you need to repair your existing system or request a new unit: (this advice applies to owners of split system aircons as well)

How old is it

Everything on this earth has a life span, including air conditioners.

Over time, parts of the ac will wear out and the unit will simply stop producing cool or hot air consistently. When you request warm air and the result doesn’t match your desired settings, this might be a sign that your unit is aging.

Consider the age of your air conditioner, then compare the cost of repairs and maintenance against purchasing a new one.

Energy efficiency

An old air conditioner is probably responsible for your increasing electricity bill. This is due to the electrical voltage needs of older units—they use a lot of power to keep you cool.

There are more efficient options for cooling and heating your Brisbane home.

Give us a call today to discuss your air conditioning options. We’ll give you expert advice and a free quote.

Constant repairs

Are you always calling over a technician to repair your air conditioner?

If your air con is always giving you problems, then you should consider replacing it. It may be at the end of its life span. An efficient air conditioning system should offer regular cooling and heating service with no issues.

Before you make that final decision to replace your air conditioner, consult a qualified and trusted technician at Temper Troops. We are the air conditioning company that you can trust and rely upon when it comes to repairs vs replacement.

Replace Ducted air conditioning unit with the best in Brisbane

If your air con was installed some time ago, it likely doesn’t offer the same comfort and standards as it used to. And while it might still do the job, it likely falls short from an efficiency perspective.

Ducted air conditioning can contribute up to 40% of your electrical bill. Makes sense to be as energy-efficient as possible, doesn’t it?

With fixed compressors and inverters, the newer models are able to cope up with the often harsh sub-tropical Queensland climate, especially in the summer. They use significantly less power, meaning a reduced electricity bill—and they also give homeowners better room-by-room temperature control settings.

Replace ducted air conditioning systems in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and the Queensland region at an affordable cost. Discover your ducted air conditioning replacement cost – give us a call today and receive a free quote from our customer care team.

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