Smart Lighting: MyLights Remote Light Control and Automation

Temper Troops are a Brisbane and Sunshine Coast based team of qualified electricians and air-conditioning installers, providing professional installations of Advantage Air’s smart lighting product, MyLights. MyLights is an innovative lighting control solution designed and manufactured by Advantage Air. It enables businesses and residents to adjust lighting remotely from a smart phone or tablet device via Wi-Fi. As well-established dealers of Advantage Air products, we can provide competitive pricing on MyLights installations. Please give us a call to organise a site inspection and quote on a MyLights installation, customised to suit your home or business.

MyAir provides users with complete control over their house’s lighting arrangements without the need to walk around the house. Its features include:

  • Adjustable hues of 5% – 100%
  • Remote lighting
  • Automatic lighting
  • Grouped lighting and favourites
  • One touch lighting
  • ‘Eco’ mode for energy efficiency

The Convenience of Smart Lighting:

By being able to turn off and on all your lighting with one touch lighting via the ‘Welcome’ and ‘Goodbye’ buttons, you can quickly leave home for work on one of those mornings you’ve missed the alarm, all without worrying about leaving all your lights on. Conversely, if you arrive home late at night, you can quickly turn as many, or as few lights as you’d like so you can get inside without fumbling around with your keys.

You’ll also be able to set specific groups of lighting with your smart lights. For example, if you’ve got numerous lights in your living area, you won’t need to walk around turning them all on. Simply create a group for your living room that includes all the lights you need, and you’re done. Turning all the living room lights on is now as simple as can be; just turn on your group lighting.

Smart Lights and Energy Efficiency:

In addition to adjusting brightness for mood lighting, you’ll notice that remotely changing brightness and turning off unused lighting allows for reduced energy consumption. Here’s a table to demonstrate just how much power you can save by adjusting lighting intensity:

Brightness Wattage
100% 10W
90% 5.9
80% 2.7
70% 2.4W
60% 1W
50% 0.6W

* Figures based on a standard LED light

If you’d like simple energy efficiency without manual adjustment of lighting hues, you can simply activate ‘Eco’ mode, whereby all lighting is limited to 80% brightness. You’ll barely notice the difference, but you certainly will when your power bill gets sent!

Enhanced Security with MyLights:

We’ve all had it happen before; you’ve heard a bump in the middle of the night and decide to sneak around your house, looking for the culprit. It’s probably nothing, but with MyLights, you can turn all your lights on at once for added confidence, should you need to investigate. Along with one touch off/on lighting, you’ll be able to set security lighting groups around your house, as well as keep on living room lighting if you want to make it seem like someone’s home when you’re away.

Can MyLights be installed in my house?

Generally, it is best to have MyLights installed in a house currently being built, as the wiring for MyLights is completely different to that of standard lighting. Whilst we can retro-fit lighting into your house, it will require a complete re-wire of your house’s lighting, which can be cost-prohibitive. Please give us a call for a site inspection and analysis of your house’s plans to see what we can do for you.

Smart Lighting Installation

Get in touch to discuss having MyLights smart lighting installed in your new or existing house. Call (07) 3293 0005.