Commercial Air Con Service

Why and When to Get Your Air Con Serviced by Professionals

To keep your air conditioning in tip-top shape, regular maintenance is needed. If left too long between services, your air con may start to struggle as it builds up with dust, dirt, and bacteria. This can lead to clogged lines and filters, causing it to struggle and use up more power just to keep going.

Alongside struggling, a poorly maintained air con may start to wear down its parts even quicker, meaning you’ll need to get it replaced sooner. Air conditioners need a little upkeep, just like a car or a bike. You’ll actually save money in the long run with a scheduled air con servicing plan.

Why Get Your Air Con Serviced?

It’s imperative not to wait till your air con breaks down, to have it looked at by a professional. Talk to your local Brisbane air con company to put a maintenance plan in place.

  • Regular air con servicing will lower your power bills
  • Improve the efficiency and lifespan of your air con
  • Keep indoor air quality allergen-free and reduce the risk of respiratory issues
  • Save you money on major repairs or replacing a unit too soon
  • Inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants

How Often Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

The number of times you service your air conditioner will depend on its usage. For average usage, experts recommend at least one professional service a year. If you use it 24/7, opt for at least two major services a year.

A rule of thumb is to service your air con just before the change of season. Spring is a perfect time if you use your unit for cooling only. Reverse cycle air cons are best serviced in the spring and autumn, to ensure the heating and cooling functions work well.

Can You Service an Air Con Yourself?

While it is recommended to have a professional Brisbane air con company to do a yearly major service. You can do simple cleaning and upkeep of an air con yourself. Getting familiar with your air con unit is actually a great idea, to spot any potential problems.

  • Clean and change the air filters. Replace every 60 days if you have allergies or pets or every 4-6 months for low usage
  • Clean the indoor vents and outside of the unit. A good wipe-over ensures the air vents are free from debris, dirt, and dust
  • Look over the pipes to check for any obvious damage
  • If you notice any bad smells, leaks, or a noisy unit, contact your local Brisbane, Caboolture, and Sunshine Coast air con company for an inspection
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