New Home Ducted

Design and installation of ducted air conditioning systems into homes under construction. We will carefully analyse your plans and seamlessly integrate a system into your new home.

Retrofit Ducted

We’ll carefully analyse your homes existing structure and design an efficient ducted system to suit.

Replacement Ducted

We take a look at your existing ducting unit, finding a similar unit for the most compatible replacement.

New Home Ducted

Design and installation of ducted air conditioning systems into homes under construction. We will carefully analyse your plans and seamlessly integrate a system into your new home.

Retrofit Ducted

We’ll carefully analyse your homes existing structure and design an efficient ducted system to suit.

Replacement Ducted

We take a look at your existing ducting unit, finding a similar unit for the most compatible replacement.


Durable and energy-efficient split-systems with inverter technology, catered to your cooling requirements.

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We service all of the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Noosa. If you need fast help to get your air conditioning sunshine coast fixed or need a bran new installation we highly recommend to give us a call to get the quickest response time. You can reach us on (07) 3293 0005 anytime to schedule an appointment. Find us on our Sunshine Coast Office on Google Maps.

Many individuals believe the Sunshine Coast is aptly named and has an ideal climate. Known for averaging around seven hours of sunshine every day, this area has mild seasonal variations when compared to Sydney, Melbourne and even northern regions of New

South Wales. Summer temperatures run anywhere from 17 to 28 degrees Celsius for the period between November and February. From March to May, the average temperatures range from 13 to 25 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, when the weather warms up, the temperatures remain reasonable thanks to the cool breeze coming from the sea.

Precipitation tends to be quite high in the area. Furthermore, the climate is similar to that of South Queensland. Most people describe it as humid and subtropical. As a result, individuals often choose to have air conditioning installed in their home to ensure they remain comfortable regardless of what it is like outside. Temper Troops, a Air Conditioning Sunshine Coast supplier, offers a wide range of options for both commercial and residential customers to meet the needs of all.

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Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning Services

Ducted Air Conditioning

While the climate is beautiful on the Sunshine Coast, there are times when a person can feel as if they are living in a sweat box. The air feels stifling and moving becomes a chore when outdoors. When a person returns home, he or she wants to be comfortable and able to relax, and fans simply won’t be of use. The same is true of evaporative cooling systems, as they increase the humidity in the home as opposed to reducing it. A ducted air conditioning system can help to reduce humidity in the home while keeping the air at a comfortable temperature.

The majority of ducted air conditioning systems make use of inverter technology. As a result, less power is used, and the system runs more efficiently and quietly than previous versions. Energy costs go down, and individuals selling their home often find having this type of system helps to boost the selling price.

The system can be set to operate certain zones of the home, thus the entire home doesn’t have to be cooled if certain rooms aren’t being used. Bedrooms can be kept at a warmer temperature during the day and cooled at bedtime. In addition, homeowner may adjust the temperature in those rooms that receive a great deal of shade during the day and set a temperature in other rooms that receive more sun. This not only helps to keep cooling costs down, doing so is better for the environment.

Another advantage of choosing ducted air con systems is they leave less of a footprint. The majority of moving parts are located outside or in the roof space. They don’t take up valuable space in the home, leaving a neat and clean look throughout the residence.

Split System Air Conditioning

Older homes often lack insulation and the newest energy saving materials. As a result, they tend to be hotter in the summer and cooler in the winter. Individuals who own this type of home may find a ducted air conditioning system is cost prohibitive, due to the amount of work needed to install the system and the necessary ductwork. In addition, doing so may have a negative impact on the historical aspects of the home. Thankfully, those in this situation can make use of split system air conditioning to ensure the home remains at a comfortable temperature while maintaining its natural charm.

Furthermore, split systems are a great option for homes where only a certain area of the home needs to be cooled. For example, a homeowner may opt for an addition to their residence and find they wish to install this type of unit as opposed to adding on to existing ductwork. There are numerous situations where a split system air conditioning unit will be of great benefit on the Sunshine Coast with these being just two examples.

The split system unit comes with a condensing unit which is located outside of the residence and an internal unit like those seen in the majority of homes. Piping connects these two units together. This system helps to reduce humidity in the rooms where it is installed. Furthermore, homeowners find they save money on their energy bills and split systems are known for their reliability.

Many homeowners choose a back-to-back installation. With this option, the interior and exterior units are mounted on either side of an external wall of the home. This reduces the amount of wiring and piping needed to join the two components. Homeowners appreciate this, just as they appreciate the many advanced features found in systems of this type, such as Wi-Fi compatibility in some units.

Commercial Air Conditioning

Businesses typically find they need to install an air conditioning unit if they wish to keep their customers happy. Temper Troops can be of assistance here also, and commercial establishments discover they have numerous choices. Schools and administration buildings often benefit from a ducted system, while a commercial office space or warehouse might find a split system better meets their needs. They can only cool those areas currently occupied or in need of climate control. Other viable options for commercial entities include multi-head systems, VRV air conditioning systems and rooftop packaged systems.

An assessment is made of the property and the owner is consulted with before recommendations are made on which type of system is needed or recommended. The owner of the building ultimately decides, however, which he or she is most comfortable with. Our goal is to leave the customer satisfied at the end of the project, and taking these steps helps to ensure this is the case.

Contact our office today to discuss your air conditioning requirements. We are ready to assist in any way we can. Customers who work with us find we make use of well-known and trusted brands, and our customer service and workmanship cannot be beat. Our technicians make recommendations on which system will best meet the needs of the client, and we offer free quotes. This allows consumers to compare our work with others in the area before making a decision, as we don’t want anyone to feel pressured during the process.

Temper Troops is an authorised dealer for MyAir and Daikin. We maintain our QBCC license, an electrical contractors license and the Arctick license. In addition, we are fully insured. Our goal is to make sure you feel relaxed and completely comfortable with our team. Contact us today to learn more.

Temper Troops are located on the Sunshine Coast and have set very high standards for Air conditioning services in the Queensland area.

Temper Troops is located on the Sunshine Coast & you can also follow us at Facebook, and Google Plus. If you prefer a more personalised experience you can call us at (07) 3293 0005, or Visit us in office at working hours on Mon-Fri (9:00 – 16:00).

To get to our office from the Sunshine Coast it is rather simple, just follow these simple directions and you’ll be here in no time. Leaving the airport you can take Airport Drive to N shore Connection Rd. Follow Sunshine Motorway and Nicklin Way to Caloundra Road in Caloundra. Then keep staying on this road until you reach Bulcock Street.

Once you arrive on Bulcock street keep driving until you reach 4/61. You are going to see our office on the left, and we’ll be inside waiting for you!

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