Install Ducted Air Conditioning to Replace an Existing Unit

Temper Troops can install ducted air conditioning to replace your existing unit. Our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast teams of specialist air-conditioning installers, all experienced in replacing existing ducted air-conditioning systems, are all fully qualified professional and reliable tradesmen. We’re staffed by both qualified refrigeration mechanics and electricians, allowing us to complete your entire installation in-house. Our teams will carefully look over your existing system and house plans, providing a solution that is optimised for your house. Please give us a call to organise a site inspection for a replacement ducted installation.

Daikin Ducted Systems:

Over the years, we’ve found that out of all the major air-conditioning brands, Daikin provides the highest quality domestic ducted air-conditioning solutions on the market. Daikin has a proven track record of providing durable, efficient products coupled with unrivalled customer service. Daikin ducted systems come with a five-year warranty covering both parts and labour, attesting to the level of confidence we put into the units we install.

As Daikin dealers, we’re able to provide competitive pricing on Daikin-branded ducted systems, further incentivising our customers to choose a high-quality replacement unit that will stand the test of time. Alternatively, we can source a specific make and model for you if you have a preferred brand in mind. Please give us a call for a quote for a replacement Daikin ducted air-conditioning system.

The Replacement Process:

Replacing your ducted system is usually quite a simple process. Units that use foil or metal ducts tend to be able to be re-used without modification, as they’ll outlast the initial air-conditioning unit. After inspecting your ducts to make sure they’re okay for re-use, we simply replace your old unit with a newer model. Once we’ve finalised the installation and performed a check to ensure all functions work correctly, we’ll take your old unit and dispose of it responsibly. If you wish to include MyAir with your new system, the existing duct work may need to be modified to suit the Exact Air regulators which precisely control air flow to each zone.

MyAir Smart Air Conditioning:

As many of the ducted systems we replace were installed 10-20 years ago, most of them will have very simple zone control systems in place. Over the years, technology has improved and there’s now much more convenient and energy-efficient solutions available for domestic households. MyAir is an innovative zoning solution manufactured by Advantage Air, and it allows customers to regulate individual temperatures of each room from their phone, even while outside their house.

Features include:

  • Tablet controller
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Superior energy efficieny

When we provide you with a quote for a replacement ducted system, we’ll include a price for a MyAir-equipped system, as well as one without it. Retro-fitting MyAir to ducted systems is usually a simple process, and we find that the benefits far outweigh the cost, especially when taking into account the energy savings that the system can provide.

Install Replacement Ducted Air Conditioning

Get in touch to discuss the installation of a replacement ducted air conditioning system in your home. Call Temper Troops on (07) 3293 0005.