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Commercial VS Residential Air Conditioning

You can ensure that you have the proper system installed in your building and that all residents can enjoy great air quality at a reasonable temperature by knowing the distinctions between residential HVAC systems and commercial HVAC systems. Commercial vs residential air conditioning which is better?

When it comes to air conditioning, different building types have varying requirements.

Residential systems and commercial systems both function to heat, ventilate, and act as a cooling system, but their mechanisms and component parts differ greatly. The vast differences between air conditioning units lead to variances in maintenance costs, variable refrigerant volume, and more.

Let’s break down the differences between commercial vs residential air conditioning and when to choose one system over another.


Physical differences between commercial vs residential air conditioning systems.

To begin with, a commercial HVAC system and residential HVAC systems typically seem very different physically. The condenser and evaporator of residential systems are typically located in separate parts, and each acts as the central air conditioning unit.

In order to avoid the noise they produce from interfering with occupants’ ability to do their jobs, a commercial system typically combines the heating and cooling systems into a single rooftop package.

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Residential air conditioning systems are often mounted to a window or an outside wall. These are typically the places for repairs that are easiest to reach. There aren’t many good reasons for an air conditioner in your house to be on the roof.

For easier access and noise control, commercial units are frequently located on the roof of the building. Due to the size of commercial HVAC systems, they are usually situated atop buildings.

If you don’t have to halt business operations, external air conditioning repair in a commercial setting is much simpler.

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Since commercial AC systems are modular, they are simpler to install and modify depending on the size and use of the facility. After all, it would be extremely expensive and resource-intensive to require multi-stage systems for various buildings.

A home system is delivered as one unit. You do have interior and outdoor components. Unless your home is quite large, there is typically no reason why you would require a modular design.

Commercial spaces that use modular technologies can easily be upgraded as needed. They should be installed on roofs or basements to avoid noise pollution.

Additionally, it makes fixing an air conditioner lot simpler because you may fix or replace the broken component rather than purchasing a brand-new system.

It’s a far more economical way when you consider how much work the system does. Additionally, repairing a few damaged components saves time instead than replacing the entire machine.

Maintenance cost

The cost of any new air conditioner, whether residential or commercial, can vary quite a bit. Commercial air conditioners are more costly compared with residential AC units. Commercial HVAC systems require more efficient maintenance than residential HVAC systems due to various factors, including variable refrigerant flow, size, and different operating principles.

To ensure a flawless installation, effective system maintenance, and energy efficiency for commercial air conditioning, you must opt for highly trained and skilled technicians.

However, due to the size, location, and complexity of the components in a commercial system, you’ll need the help of an experienced and different HVAC technician to perform maintenance.

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Size and Complexity

Compared to residential HVAC systems, commercial HVAC systems are substantially larger. Every commercial HVAC system element is larger than its counterpart’s, including the drainage setup. This makes sense given that larger industrial facilities in commercial buildings demand more energy and power to heat and cool.

Commercial and residential HVAC units also vary in composition. Commercial AC systems need to be more adaptable depending on the establishment where the air conditioning units are being installed.

A commercial HVAC system consists of several pans and multiple pipes to ensure complete evaporation. Such a system ensures that the indoor air quality is first-rate and clean.

Commercial HVAC systems serve in bigger spaces. A business facility may need to consider multiple thermostat settings for various office areas in addition to being significantly bigger.

In contrast, a domestic HVAC system often just needs to take care of a small space’s heating and cooling requirements. Commercial HVAC systems must therefore be more complex in both form and operation.

Taking into account the various systems’ required AC power

However, the portion of power the system will use to cool the space it serves is the main distinction between commercial ac units and domestic ac units. The fact that enterprises typically occupy greater spaces than homes contributes to some of this.

The average size of newly built commercial buildings is close to five times the average residential dwelling. Because of this, air conditioners designed for use in commercial settings are frequently much more powerfully constructed than one used in a residential system.

Several factors determine a commercial AC’s relative power in addition to the size of the space it must cool. The frequent inhabitants of a business, which generally outnumber the number of people in average residential ac systems by significant margins, are likewise designed to be comfortable with commercial AC systems.

However, estimating how many people are typically present inside a business structure can be challenging. Furthermore, the process of sizing a commercial AC should always be handled by qualified experts as this element is just one of several complex aspects that must be considered against one another.

However, both commercial and residential air HVAC are energy-efficient systems.

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Selecting Your Installers

Residential HVAC units nevertheless need to be carefully installed by trained experts because they are naturally sufficiently sophisticated. In actuality, there is one thing that both commercial HVAC units and residential HVAC units have in common: they should only ever be installed by certified contractors.

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Repairing an air conditioner is frequently required due to poor drainage. If not cleaned and maintained, a tiny pan outside the house where a domestic AC unit drains can overflow. An HVAC commercial system is bigger compared to a residential air con unit, the commercial HVAC has a huge waste outlet means.

Residential AC units cool a smaller area household drainage systems will still be unable to handle as much water as commercial ones. Commercial air conditioning is so large that it requires elaborate drainage systems that use pipes and trays to ensure there is no overflow risk and ensure that air quality standards are met.

Creating and Customizing

A commercial air conditioner unit is more modular in design than home air conditioning systems. It’s because different parts of these systems can be set up to fit commercial building cooling needs.

This means that even when it is superfluous, there is no need to operate these units at full capacity. Commercial systems with multiple stages are made to boost cooling capacity when necessary. Some commercial devices have variable fan speeds.

Though both residential and commercial HVAC unit serves the same purpose of cooling, heating, and ventilation, they differ significantly with reference to mechanism and parts.

Additionally, zoning systems enable you to regulate cooling in various areas of the structure. Since commercial AC design is modular in nature, you can alter it as necessary.

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Life Span and Warranty

Due to the larger size and increased durability of commercial air conditioning systems, their lifespan is typically longer. You may expect a business HVAC system to last 15 to 25 years.

However, the use, basic maintenance, and application of air conditioning greatly affect the lifespan of the entire system of HVAC equipment. Manufacturer warranties for commercial air conditioners are often shorter than those for home air conditioners.

The typical manufacturer guarantee for residential air conditioners is five years, whereas the warranty for commercial air conditioners ranges from one to five years, depending on the application.

The Bottom Line: commercial vs residential air conditioning

Which do you believe is best between commercial and residential air conditioning systems considering all the distinctions between them? In any case, both systems succeed to vent cool air and a healthful environment. However, if a business air conditioning system is installed, maintained, or repaired incorrectly, you should prepare for much higher costs and breakdowns.

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