Smart Air Conditioning: MyAir for Climate Control and Automation

Temper Troops are Brisbane and Sunshine Coast air-conditioning installation specialists with extensive experience in installing MyAir smart air conditioning systems for the ultimate in climate control. MyAir is an innovative climate control system for ducted air-conditioners, allowing for complete control of individual room temperatures from your smart phone or tablet device. As regular installers and dealers of MyAir smart, we maintain a close relationship with Advantage Air, allowing us to provide competitive pricing on MyAir installations.

Why Choose MyAir Smart Air Conditioning?

MyAir is the ultimate solution for those who want complete control over their ducted air-conditioning. It includes individual sensors for each zone, ensuring that hotter rooms, such as west-facing rooms, get the right amount of airflow to keep a stabilised temperature. Individual room temperatures can be adjusted remotely, which not only increases energy efficiency, but also allows you to turn the air-con on just before you get home on a hot Summers day.

MyAir allows you to:

  • Set individual room temperatures
  • Make adjustments based on room activity
  • Set automatic temperatures
  • Remotely adjust temperatures from a smartphone or tablet device

We can pair MyAir with most modern ducted systems, or if you’re opting for a new ducted installation, included in your quote will be one price inclusive of MyAir, and one without it. In terms of both energy efficiency and creature comforts, the benefits far outweigh the additional cost of having MyAir installed into your new or existing air-conditioning unit.

Retro-fitting Smart Air Conditioning:

MyAir is compatible with most major air-conditioning unit. When performing a site inspection, we’ll look at your existing unit and ducting infrastructure to establish whether a MyAir retro-fit installation would be compatible with your existing ducted system. Please give us a call to organise an inspection and quote for a MyAir installation on your existing unit.

Smart Air Conditioning Installation

Get in touch to book one of our experienced Brisbane and Sunshine Coast air-conditioning installers to visit your property for MyAir installation quote. Call (07) 3293 0005.