Residential and commercial air conditioning in Brisbane is essential. Not only will it keep you cool, but it helps to absorb moisture and lower humidity. Professional aircon specialists can install systems in both applications, but what are the actual differences between them?

Residential and commercial air conditioning systems in Brisbane vary in a few ways. A few of the main differences are size and complexity of the units. Let’s look in more detail at the main differences between residential and commercial air conditioning.

Commercial Air Conditioning

A commercial aircon will generally need to cool a larger space and a lot more people. They will also have to deal with all the extra heat given off by people, computers, fridges or other items creating heat load in the air-conditioned space. This means; the capacity of a commercial aircon will likely be larger, the thermostat will be different, and it will be far more complex in its design

Larger businesses will generally require multiple commercial air conditioners because of the size of the space or differing uses of each room. Commerical air conditioining systems generally require maintenance servicing at more frequent intervals and they are often more costly to repair. A common type of commercial aircon system is called a rooftop package unit which can both heat and cool.

Residential Air Conditioning

Most residential properties will use a single system like split system air conditioning or ducted aircon. The space which needs to be cooled is generally smaller and has less heat load, meaning the aircon won’t be put under as much load as it would be in a commercial environment.

This means the drainage system in residential aircons is less complex and easier to maintain. The Temper Troops team can advise you on which aircon system is right for your home.

How to Maintain Your Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning

Only highly skilled technicians should maintain your aircon units. Especially your commercial air conditioning, because of its size and complexity. If you have an air conditioning unit in your home and only use it in the summer, scheduling maintenance every 12 months should be sufficient.

For your commercial air conditioning units that may get used all year round, think about putting together a more regular maintenance plan. The team at Temper Troops can set you up a regular maintenance schedule to keep your commercial air conditioners running smoothly.

Talk to Your Air Conditioning Specialists in Brisbane

Temper Troops are experts in installing, maintaining and repairing residential and commercial air conditioners. Being well versed in all the major brands of split system and ducted air conditioners, we can detect and fix problems before they cause trouble. There is nothing worse than your aircon breaking down on a hot summers day and we are here to stop that happening. Business or home, we will keep your air conditioning in tip top shape.