On the Sunshine Coast, we are known for our amazing weather, from our hot summer days to those relaxing cool winter months. As a homeowner keeping your family comfortable and feeling great all year round is important. At Temper Troops, we are here to make sure that your air-conditioning unity is suiting every family’s diverse lifestyles on the Sunshine Coast. 

Different Air Conditioning for Every Lifestyle

How can air-conditioning suit your family’s lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast? Well, at Temper Troops, we offer a wide variety of air conditioning units for every family’s lifestyle, some of the different systems that we offer are ducted systems, split systems, and multi-head systems. There are other accessories that go with air conditioning units like thermostats, fuses, and hoses that help keep your air conditioning working for your family’s lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast.


When buying a new thermostat for your air conditioning and heating unit, the first rule is to make sure all your systems are compatible. Secondly finding a thermostat that comes equipped to be programmed is an advantage. Pairing a programmable thermostat with your air conditioner provided by Temper Troop will help keep your family more comfortable.

Thermostats with a program feature are easy to operate and usually made for newer homes. This will help you to save money on your heating cooling costs because it is creating a more efficient system, which allows you to spend more money on your family. This is how air-conditioning will suit your family’s lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast.

If your family spends more time in the water during the Summer months you can have it turn on right before you come home so you can keep cool in the water and at home.


While getting an air conditioning unit is important and smart to get for the hot summer months on the Sunshine Coast, it is also important to get it for the chilly winter months that happen on the Sunshine Coast. The winter chill can get to the best of us, having a new and working unit is something to be prepared with when winter does come.

It is important to set your air conditioner to an energy efficient temperature in the winter to keep the heat inside and warming your home and family. Setting your heat to an energy efficient temperature will also help your family save money on appliances and energy bills during those winter months, which also gives you more money to spend on your family.

Contact Us!

If anyone living on the Sunshine Coast needs an air conditioning or/and help with the installation contact Temper Troops via phone at (07) 3293 0005. We will help to cool down any Sunshine Coast home during the hot summer months and keep your home warm during the chilly months. Every homeowner that contacts us will receive our great customer service and help with their air conditioning problems.