It can get hot and humid on the Sunshine Coast; new research shows that the coming warm months are going to be record breaking. Make sure that you are staying cool with Temper Troops.

Saving Money

Buying the right air conditioner can save home owners money. Therefore, air conditioning is a great investment on the Sunshine Coast. When a home owner is buying an air conditioner, it is expected to last for at least 15 to 20 years – on average – when it is taken care of. When buying an air conditioning unit, it is important to make sure you are getting a great one, that is why going with Temper Troops for any air conditioning and installation needs is great for the Sunshine Coast.


We will help any home owner find a unit that can cool their home efficiently. When a home owner’s air conditioner is working efficiently to cool a home, they do not need to spend a lot of money cooling the entire home. Buying an air conditioning unit versus a window air conditioner is also more cost effective. When using a window unit, you are running it longer and harder to try and cool your entire home, or you have multiple units using a lot of energy. When a home owner uses an air conditioning unit instead of the window unit it cools down the entire home quicker so that it is not running the entire time, which is why air-conditioning is a great investment on the Sunshine Coast.


When we are at our own home we all want to be comfortable. When it has been a hot day, coming into a cold home is always relaxing. Owning an air conditioner is a great investment because of the heat that is being endured during the hotter months on the Sunshine Coast. Although air conditioning is a great comfort for homeowners. It is also a great investment for their family and friends that are spending time in their home. The more people that are in one home, the hotter that it will get. Having an air conditioner in your home will help keep it cool when your house is filled with loved ones and friends.

Future Gains

While getting an air conditioner for your home is comforting now it can also be great for the future. Adding an air conditioner to your home will increase its value on the Sunshine Coast if you ever want to sell your home. Keeping your home cool with an air conditioner also keeps your home in a better condition so if you ever do sell your home you will have less that needs to be fixed – i.e floors and wallpaper – because it will keep the humidity of the Sunshine Coast out.

Contact Us!

If anyone on the Sunshine Coast needs an air conditioning or/and help with the installation, contact Temper Troops via phone at (07) 3293 0005. We will help to cool down any home owner who contacts us with our great air conditioners and customer service