Maybe you’ve just recently had a new air conditioning system installed by aircon specialists and you’re thinking why do you need a maintenance plan if its brand new? If your air conditioning system has been installed by experts, you’re not likely to need air conditioning repairs anytime soon, but getting a maintenance plan from the start, will great reduce the risk of costly future repairs.

Just like human beings, if we take care of ourselves by eating healthily, taking care of our skin and doing some exercise, we maintain our health. If we don’t look after ourselves, it’s likely we’ll be making frequent trips to the doctor throughout the year. The same goes for your air conditioning system, look after it and it will last, ignore it and it’s likely you’ll need to call experts in for repairs at some point.

The Advantages of Having an AC Maintenance Plan

A preventative maintenance plan for your split system air conditioning or ducted air conditioning system, has many benefits for your wallet and your health.

  • It will extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system. If you have a regular maintenance plan in place from the start, it is possible for your system to last for 15-20 years. If it’s not looked after, the lifespan can be drastically reduced meaning you’ll need to fork out for a new system a lot sooner.
  • Improved energy efficiency will help keep your bills down. If your air conditioning system is kept clean and in good working order, it won’t have to start straining to do its job, thus using up more energy and hiking up your bills.
  • Eliminates costly repair bills. While you think a maintenance plan is an extra cost you might not want, having no plan in place and waiting until something breaks will cost a lot more to fix. A maintenance plan will nip small repairs in the bud, before they become large and costly.
  • Ensure you stay within the rules of your warranty. Most AC units come with a 5 year warranty and usually have a set of rules you need to adhere to, to stay within the warranty terms. One of these is usually getting your AC system regularly maintained.
  • Keeps the air flow clean and free of debris. Over time dust and dirt will build up in the AC filter system and if it isn’t cleaned out on a regular basis, it can mean the air in your home is compromised. This can particularly affect allergy or asthma sufferers. Get professional air conditioning experts in on a regular basis to clean or replace your AC filters.

If you’d like to get an air conditioning maintenance plan in pace for your system, call the experts at Temper Troops for a free quote.