Ducted air conditioning is a great option for any modern home living in the harsh Australian climate. If you choose A MyAir control system, you will experience unrivalled air-flow in your home and you can change temperatures individually in each room. This allows you to save electricity by just cooling or heating an exact area you are in.

Ducted aircon systems don’t need units in every room making them more aesthetically pleasing. Talk to your aircon specialists in Brisbane, before you have a ducted system fitted to ensure you get properly designed ductwork. Getting the right aircon system for the size of your property, will save you money in the long run. Consider arranging a maintenance plan to keep your aircon running smoothly. Here are some issues you may experience with a ducted aircon system;

Dirt Filled Ducts

Dust, pollen and filth can easily get trapped in the gaps between the ducts. Over time the amount of dirt will build up and seriously affect the quality of your indoor air. If not dealt with, this can enhance the allergy symptoms or other health conditions. Speak with your aircon specialists in Brisbane to maintain your system.

Weak Air Flow

Dust build up can also cause the airflow through your ducted aircon to weaken. This can make the system work much harder which can in-turn increase your energy bills. A ducted air conditioning system left like this, can risk break down and having its useful lifespan reduced.

Poor Insulation

Ductwork with poor insulation properties can lead to your system working inefficiently. In the summer, cool air moves through the ducts and can absorb heat if the duct is not properly insulated. In the winter, heat will get distributed evenly through the ducts. Ineffective insulation will cause poor energy efficiency and can cause the ducts to condensate in the highly humid Brisbane summer.

High Energy Consumption

Make sure you get your ducted aircon system fitted by an expert team like Temper Troops. If your system is poorly installed, this could lead to inefficient ductwork design and an increase in energy bills. Having a large system in a small office, will lead to a waste of energy. If the air conditioning system is small in a large office, this will lead to the system overworking and again consuming too much energy.

Temper Troops offer the best air conditioning costs in Brisbane. Call the expert team toady for expert ducted aircon fitting and maintenance.

Nathan and the boys did a fabulous job of my ducted air conditioning and gave me a very good price to boot. Two years down the track I have recommended him to friends and family who are also satisfied customers.It is a great Australian company to get behind. Many thanks Nathan.

We had Temper Troops install a ducted system into our office at Kurwongbah. Friendly service, neat job and a great price. what more could we ask for?

Temper Troops installed Daikin ducted air conditioning at our home in Narangba, the job was carried out efficiently and with minimal mess. Highly recommended.

Thanks Temper Troops! Nathan, thanks for the ducting improvements you made to our air conditioning this afternoon. Much better! Your attention to detail is much appreciated. And you obviously run a very professional business, with prompt service and efficient accounting

When choosing or remodelling a home, air conditioning units play an underrated role. While the temperature of your house may seem like a luxury, it is very important. Air conditioning and heating units can make a huge difference when it is particularly hot or cold outside. At Temper Troops, we set the bar high when it comes to air conditioning advice and installation. We are the Sunshine Coast‘s most reliable source for air conditioning systems and installation. We make our home in Australia, Queensland, and we hope to bring comfort and efficiency to yours.

 Where to Start?

Figuring out what kind of unit would be most convenient begins at knowing the different types available. The two systems to focus on are ducted and split, or ductless. Both kinds have good and bad traits, depending on the requirements you have. Here, we have everything you need to be able to understand the difference between a split and ducted air system.

What’s the Difference?

A ducted air conditioning system is more aesthetically pleasing and provides air to the entire house. This kind of system provides better air flow and is beneficial to large families, who will occupy most of the house at any given time. This system is also more cost efficient when it comes to maintenance. This is due to the fewer components that the unit consist of, and the servicing takes less work. These would also be more convenient where humidity is an issue.


Split, or ductless, systems on the other hand have their benefits as well. In a home where you might be adding on a room or renovating, this would be the best bet. These allow for specific zones to have different temperatures, as there would be a unit in each room. It is possible to increase the temperature in one room, while decreasing it in another. Split air conditioning systems help to eliminate dust as there is nowhere for it to be collected. These units might be more attractive to people with allergies. While animal hair and dust can collect in ducts, that issue would not occur with a ductless system. Smaller families may find this to be a better option if they only want to heat or cool one or two rooms at a time. This can be cost efficient if you don’t run more than a few of the units at a time.

What if the Home You Want Doesn’t Already Have Ducts?

In this scenario, it is more likely to stick with a split system. Adding ducts to a split system is both time consuming and costly. Most installation companies will advise against doing so. Homes with high rise ceilings also wouldn’t be ideal as the ducted systems usually have a central location in the attic.

Ready to Turn your House into your Dream Home?

At Temper Troops, we pride ourselves in being the leaders in competitive price, service and quality on the Sunshine Coast. Rest assured knowing we will get the job done as efficiently as possible. To find out which system fits your house best, give us a call today!