When considering buying a new ducted air-conditioning system in Brisbane, you may have listened to people tell you what they’ve heard about air conditioning systems and this may have got you worried. The thing is, these are usually uneducated rumors that get passed around, just because one person has had a bad experience or is making an ill-informed comment.

Your best bet is to talk to the experts at your local aircon company in Brisbane, to get well-informed answers to your questions. Before you do that, here are three common myths debunked.

A Bigger Air Conditioning System is Better

It’s a common misconception that a bigger air conditioning system will give more powerful, cooler air flow. While of course a big air conditioning system will be powerful, this doesn’t mean you need to have a large system in a small space, like a bedroom or small living area. It is important to choose the correct size system for the size of the space.

If your ducted aircon system is too big for your home, you’ll not only pay too much initially but you could also compromise the lifespan of the system. The right size air conditioning system will adjust it’s capacity as required using inverter technology, but if the system is too big, this cycle may not work to its optimal capacity. This in-turn can increase wear and tear and lead to more frequent break downs.

Setting the Air Conditioner on Max, is the Best Way to Cool a Room Quickly

When you come home on a hot day and your home is like a sauna, of course you’re going to crank the air conditioning up to cool down. What you probably don’t realise is – your room will cool at the same rate, regardless of the settings you have the thermostat at.

By cranking it straight to the coldest temperature, you may end up over-shooting your comfortable target temperature and use excess energy. For every degree you lower the thermostat, you increase the running costs by up to 10%! So, to save money and get to a comfortable temperature in the same amount of time, set the thermostat on your ducted air conditioning system to your ideal comfortable temperature. Another way to stop arriving home to a hot house is to set your ducted air conditioning timer or adjust the system from the App on your phone (if you have smart controls).

Air Conditioning Systems Guzzle Energy

While air conditioning systems used to be a luxury item reserved for the wealthy, today air conditioning is an essential household and office appliance to combat our unbearable Brisbane summers. Today’s systems are very efficient and use modern inverter technology to ease energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

If your air conditioning system is getting old, it may not be running as efficiently and cost-effectively as a new system could be, and it may be time to upgrade. Talk to your local aircon company in Brisbane to learn about air conditioning prices and the savings you could make on your energy bills by upgrading to a new system.

Another fantastic installation done for a family in Peregian Springs. Temper Troops supplied and install 1 x Daikin 20kw ducted system to the property featuring the My Air Series Five Control.

These photos represent typical residential ducted systems that we have installed.

This prestige canal front home was air conditioned with a Daikin ducted system.