Air conditioning in Brisbane is an essential part of any household. The down side is, it’s actually what makes up the largest part of your energy bills! While you may think you just have to suck it up and accept that that’s the cost of running your air conditioning, there are actually a few smart ways you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

If your aircon is running smoothly, you can drastically cut your energy costs and reduce wastage. These simple methods to improve your aircon efficiency are all no-cost DIY tips. Let’s take a look at how you can improve your air conditioning efficiency while still keeping your home at the optimum temperature.

How to Improve Aircon Efficiency

1. Turn The Thermostat Up

By turning the thermostat up a one or two degrees in summer and down one or two in winter, you will help lower your energy bills. This is because your unit will not have to work so hard to reach the target temperature. If you have ducted air conditioning or a unit with programmable capabilities, change the unit to the desired temperature before you get home.

2. Clean Debris and Dirt from The Vents

If your air conditioning unit has vents clogged up with grime, the system will have to work much harder to move the conditioned air throughout your home. Vacuum out the vents regularly and ensure other obstructions like furniture aren’t blocking air flow.

3. Clean the Condenser Unit Outside

Your air conditioning system has an outside component named the condenser. The condenser has a coil on the rear of the unit which looks similar to a car radiator. This coil should be regularly checked for obstructions. Branches, leaves, plastic bags and other debris can get caught in the suction through the coil and become trapped behind the unit causing the unit to overheat. Get a professional air conditioning specialist to check the inside of the condenser unit.

4. Change Your Filters

A build up of dust and dirt on AC filters can seriously reduce the efficiency of your unit. Make sure you inspect and clean your filters on a regular basis. The frequency of filter cleaning is dependant on how often the system is used, however every 6 months is a guide for most residential applications.

5. Close Your Blinds

On hot days, it is important to reduce the heat load entering your home. Harsh sunshine through windows is one of the largest contributors to heat load into the home. Keep your blinds closed during the day to help reduce the heat load into the home.

6. Keep Heat Producing Appliances Away from Your Thermostat

Appliances like ovens, kettles, fridges and lamps give off heat. If they are too close to your AC thermostat, this will give a false indication of the actual room temperature causing the system to work harder. Your aircon company in Brisbane will be aware of this and install your AC thermostat away from heat generating appliances.

7. Keep the Drain Line Clear

This can be a common reason that aircon owners call in a professional – when the drain line becomes clogged. With a little maintenance, clogs can be avoided. It is important to call an air conditioning Brisbane professional to maintain your air conditioning system at least annually in residential applications. As part of the service, Temper Troops will ensure that your drain line is not clogged.

Even the best quality air conditioning unit will need replacing at some point. When you’re considering replacing your commercial or domestic air conditioning in Brisbane, it’s important to know the signs to make the best decision.

Most new AC units have a lifespan of anywhere from 10-20 years and that can vary wildly depending on the environment the system is installed in and whether it has been regularly maintained. As air conditioning systems begin to age, even with a regular maintenance plan, it is possible that some wear and tear can result in faults that require repair. You can contact your local aircon specialists to repair problems, but as your unit ages, it can sometimes be a more economical decision to totally replace your air conditioning system.

How To Know If Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacing

It can be tough to decide whether to just keep repairing your AC, or have a whole new system installed. Temper Troops, your local aircon experts in Brisbane, can help you with your decision. Below, we will also discuss some factors you should consider.

1. Are Your Energy Costs Increasing?

If your energy costs are constantly increasing, especially when you are running your aircon frequently in the Summer, this could point to your system not running efficiently. Cleaning the filter or repairing a problem may have an effect in the short term, but as the system ages it will likely have to work harder to keep going, thus keep increasing your bills.

2. Is Your Air Conditioning Above 10 Years Old?

A well maintained aircon can have a working life of up to 15-20 years. If it hasn’t been looked after, you may see problems around the 10-year mark or even earlier. If you’re calling in your local Brisbane aircon specialists on a regular basis, it may be more cost-effective to have the unit replaced.

3. Do You Turn Your Aircon Up High and It Still Struggles to Cool the Room?

If you have a ducted aircon, maybe you experience one room being super cool and another being warmer, even when you have it set to the same temperature? Maybe your split system air conditioning is turned up high, but still fails to cool the room? Both of these situations point to your aircon showing signs of wear and it could be better to just replace the whole system. A site inspection by your local Brisbane Air Conditioning experts, Temper Troops, can help you decide.

4. Are You Calling in Aircon Specialists for Repairs Frequently?

If you have your local air conditioning specialists on speed dial and you’re starting to see them regularly, it probably is time to replace your system! Frequent breakdowns and costly repairs will all add up and a new system can be more cost-effective. Generally, if repair costs are 30-40% of the value of the system, definitely get it replaced and you can take advantage of a new warranty and peace of mind of a new efficient air conditioning system.

5. Is Your Home Environment Starting to Feel Uncomfortable?

Has your home started to feel warm in the summer and cold in the winter even when you select the desired temperature? Have your allergy symptoms started to get worse, especially when the aircon is on? This all points to your ageing air conditioning not functioning properly or perhaps you have a system which is not suited to your application.

Residential and commercial air conditioning in Brisbane is essential. Not only will it keep you cool, but it helps to absorb moisture and lower humidity. Professional aircon specialists can install systems in both applications, but what are the actual differences between them?

Residential and commercial air conditioning systems in Brisbane vary in a few ways. A few of the main differences are size and complexity of the units. Let’s look in more detail at the main differences between residential and commercial air conditioning.

Commercial Air Conditioning

A commercial aircon will generally need to cool a larger space and a lot more people. They will also have to deal with all the extra heat given off by people, computers, fridges or other items creating heat load in the air-conditioned space. This means; the capacity of a commercial aircon will likely be larger, the thermostat will be different, and it will be far more complex in its design

Larger businesses will generally require multiple commercial air conditioners because of the size of the space or differing uses of each room. Commerical air conditioining systems generally require maintenance servicing at more frequent intervals and they are often more costly to repair. A common type of commercial aircon system is called a rooftop package unit which can both heat and cool.

Residential Air Conditioning

Most residential properties will use a single system like split system air conditioning or ducted aircon. The space which needs to be cooled is generally smaller and has less heat load, meaning the aircon won’t be put under as much load as it would be in a commercial environment.

This means the drainage system in residential aircons is less complex and easier to maintain. The Temper Troops team can advise you on which aircon system is right for your home.

How to Maintain Your Residential and Commercial Air Conditioning

Only highly skilled technicians should maintain your aircon units. Especially your commercial air conditioning, because of its size and complexity. If you have an air conditioning unit in your home and only use it in the summer, scheduling maintenance every 12 months should be sufficient.

For your commercial air conditioning units that may get used all year round, think about putting together a more regular maintenance plan. The team at Temper Troops can set you up a regular maintenance schedule to keep your commercial air conditioners running smoothly.

Talk to Your Air Conditioning Specialists in Brisbane

Temper Troops are experts in installing, maintaining and repairing residential and commercial air conditioners. Being well versed in all the major brands of split system and ducted air conditioners, we can detect and fix problems before they cause trouble. There is nothing worse than your aircon breaking down on a hot summers day and we are here to stop that happening. Business or home, we will keep your air conditioning in tip top shape.

If you live in a climate that needs first class temperate control, you probably are fully aware of the complexities of heating and cooling your home.

Long gone are the days when you simply installed A/C units on a rule of thumb basis. Both climate change and rising costs have firmly put a stop to this sort of practice.

Professional air conditioning companies, such as us here at Temper Troops, have to advise on the best possible ways to keep your dwelling at the optimum temperature.

Most people simply want to be cool or warm whenever they use a particular room in their home, and that counts for any time of day or whatever the season is.

Modern Advanced Smart Systems

Many modern air conditioning systems can now operate on smart-home technology, which can be controlled from smart devices via different apps.

The advantage of all this is that it saves you energy which in turn means money. There are even some home systems that can be operated remotely from outside the dwelling. Utilizing mobile devices so you have ultimate control over everything that happens at the touch of a button.   

The Cost of Smart-Home Technology

If all this sounds a little high-tech and futuristic, then perhaps you may think installing an integrated system would cost an absolute fortune.

Without doubt, any sophisticated home control system is expensive to install, especially if it is a retro-fit. But the key issue here is ROI (Return on Investment). There will be a time period when a fully automated home system will begin to pay for itself, even save you money and increase the value of your home.

What is the point of cooling and lighting a room if nobody is present? This is the premise you must adopt when considering upgrading your climate control system.

The Benefits of an Automated System

Having sensors around the home that can tell if a room is occupied or not is certainly a most efficient way of controlling your energy usage.

But there are a myriad of other benefits associated with smart-home systems. And one of the biggest is personal comfort. There is no point in installing limited air conditioning units if you cannot control them properly.

When you come home from work you want to relax in a perfect ambiance and not feeling either too hot or cold as this can destroy your evening.

The reality is that we cannot afford to waste energy, not just for personal financial reasons but for our planet as well.

If you wish to know more about temperature control in your home then why not contact Temper Troops today.

Maybe you’ve just recently had a new air conditioning system installed by aircon specialists and you’re thinking why do you need a maintenance plan if its brand new? If your air conditioning system has been installed by experts, you’re not likely to need air conditioning repairs anytime soon, but getting a maintenance plan from the start, will great reduce the risk of costly future repairs.

Just like human beings, if we take care of ourselves by eating healthily, taking care of our skin and doing some exercise, we maintain our health. If we don’t look after ourselves, it’s likely we’ll be making frequent trips to the doctor throughout the year. The same goes for your air conditioning system, look after it and it will last, ignore it and it’s likely you’ll need to call experts in for repairs at some point.

The Advantages of Having an AC Maintenance Plan

A preventative maintenance plan for your split system air conditioning or ducted air conditioning system, has many benefits for your wallet and your health.

  • It will extend the lifespan of your air conditioning system. If you have a regular maintenance plan in place from the start, it is possible for your system to last for 15-20 years. If it’s not looked after, the lifespan can be drastically reduced meaning you’ll need to fork out for a new system a lot sooner.
  • Improved energy efficiency will help keep your bills down. If your air conditioning system is kept clean and in good working order, it won’t have to start straining to do its job, thus using up more energy and hiking up your bills.
  • Eliminates costly repair bills. While you think a maintenance plan is an extra cost you might not want, having no plan in place and waiting until something breaks will cost a lot more to fix. A maintenance plan will nip small repairs in the bud, before they become large and costly.
  • Ensure you stay within the rules of your warranty. Most AC units come with a 5 year warranty and usually have a set of rules you need to adhere to, to stay within the warranty terms. One of these is usually getting your AC system regularly maintained.
  • Keeps the air flow clean and free of debris. Over time dust and dirt will build up in the AC filter system and if it isn’t cleaned out on a regular basis, it can mean the air in your home is compromised. This can particularly affect allergy or asthma sufferers. Get professional air conditioning experts in on a regular basis to clean or replace your AC filters.

If you’d like to get an air conditioning maintenance plan in pace for your system, call the experts at Temper Troops for a free quote.

When considering buying a new ducted air-conditioning system in Brisbane, you may have listened to people tell you what they’ve heard about air conditioning systems and this may have got you worried. The thing is, these are usually uneducated rumors that get passed around, just because one person has had a bad experience or is making an ill-informed comment.

Your best bet is to talk to the experts at your local aircon company in Brisbane, to get well-informed answers to your questions. Before you do that, here are three common myths debunked.

A Bigger Air Conditioning System is Better

It’s a common misconception that a bigger air conditioning system will give more powerful, cooler air flow. While of course a big air conditioning system will be powerful, this doesn’t mean you need to have a large system in a small space, like a bedroom or small living area. It is important to choose the correct size system for the size of the space.

If your ducted aircon system is too big for your home, you’ll not only pay too much initially but you could also compromise the lifespan of the system. The right size air conditioning system will adjust it’s capacity as required using inverter technology, but if the system is too big, this cycle may not work to its optimal capacity. This in-turn can increase wear and tear and lead to more frequent break downs.

Setting the Air Conditioner on Max, is the Best Way to Cool a Room Quickly

When you come home on a hot day and your home is like a sauna, of course you’re going to crank the air conditioning up to cool down. What you probably don’t realise is – your room will cool at the same rate, regardless of the settings you have the thermostat at.

By cranking it straight to the coldest temperature, you may end up over-shooting your comfortable target temperature and use excess energy. For every degree you lower the thermostat, you increase the running costs by up to 10%! So, to save money and get to a comfortable temperature in the same amount of time, set the thermostat on your ducted air conditioning system to your ideal comfortable temperature. Another way to stop arriving home to a hot house is to set your ducted air conditioning timer or adjust the system from the App on your phone (if you have smart controls).

Air Conditioning Systems Guzzle Energy

While air conditioning systems used to be a luxury item reserved for the wealthy, today air conditioning is an essential household and office appliance to combat our unbearable Brisbane summers. Today’s systems are very efficient and use modern inverter technology to ease energy consumption and reduce environmental impact.

If your air conditioning system is getting old, it may not be running as efficiently and cost-effectively as a new system could be, and it may be time to upgrade. Talk to your local aircon company in Brisbane to learn about air conditioning prices and the savings you could make on your energy bills by upgrading to a new system.

An air conditioning system that works at full capacity is essential if you live in a hot and humid area. The worst thing that could happen is it starts to die right when you need it! A good plan of action is to get regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, to ensure it keeps on running when you need it.

If you start to notice your ducted aircon system is making some unusual noises, or maybe it just isn’t running at full capacity, this could mean it needs some TLC from an AC expert. Below are some of the essential signs to look out for to know when an air conditioning expert is needed.

Water Dripping from Your Air Conditioning System

You may have noticed water dripping onto the floor or rolling down the wall under your AC. This could mean you have a clogged drain tube which is causing the condensation to leak. It could also mean there’s a more serious underlying problem and it’s essential you get an expert to attend to the leak before the excess moisture leads to mold growth or property damage.

No Cool Air Even at Maximum Fan Speed

If your air conditioning system is set to blow out cool air and you notice it’s coming out warm, this is a common sign of your AC telling you it needs to be serviced. It can be quite a complicated malfunction and its best to call your local aircon company in Brisbane to help you out.

Poor Airflow from Your AC

Maybe you’ve turned your air conditioning up to full blast, but you feel little cooling effect in the room around you? This could be a sign of clogged filters or collapsed ductwork, meaning a buildup of dust and dirt has started causing problems. Alternatively, it could mean the compressor is in need of repair. You can check for blockages yourself, but it’s advised to get an expert in for a thorough clean of your system.

Unpleasant Smells and Strange Sounds

If you notice a burning smell when you turn on your split system air conditioning, turn it off immediately and call your local aircon specialists in. The burning smell could mean burnt wires and possibly be a fire hazard.

A musty smell could mean mold is growing in your system and could lead to the aggravation of health problems like asthma or allergies. Other strange smells could mean there is a blockage or leak in your system and you will need to call in your local aircon company to pinpoint and fix the issue.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you’ll know there are certain times of year and certain triggers that will make your allergy symptoms flare up. These can be miserable times causing itchy eyes and nose, eyes watering, sneezing, coughing and a range of other not so fun symptoms. A common cause of seasonal allergies is the pollen in the air during the spring and summer months.

If you still suffer allergy symptoms when you’re in your home, this could be from a buildup of dust and allergens that has nowhere else to go. These allergens can be brought from outside on your clothes, on pets, through ventilation systems and open windows. Even regularly hoovering and cleaning will not totally rid your home of all dust and allergens.

Will Air Conditioning Help Allergies?

Having air conditioning installed in your home in Brisbane or any of the surrounding areas will not only help you stay cool on those muggy days, but it will help relieve your allergies. Air conditioning systems remove moisture from the air, which will aid in removing the water-soluble pollutants like pollen and dust from your home.

Just the normal cooling process of an air conditioner, will aid in relieving your allergy symptoms. If you are a severe sufferer, you can even ask Temper Troops about Sensitive Choice approved Daikin systems which include advanced filtration systems. This is the gold standard in producing cool, clean and filtered air and should dramatically decrease your allergy symptoms in your home.

When Can Aircon be Bad for Allergies?

If you have an outdated, poorly maintained air conditioning system, this could in some cases increase your allergy symptoms. When a unit is old or not regularly maintained, the moisture in the room plus dust can build up on the cooling coils and produce mould spores, which in turn can get blown back into your home. Make sure you set out a maintenance plan with your local aircon specialists to prevent this from happening.

Keep Your Aircon System Healthy and Eliminate Your Allergies

Here are some final tips on looking after your conditioning system and other ways to improve your homes air quality.

  • Have your air conditioning system serviced every 6-12 months
  • Clean the filters in your air conditioner every 3-6 months
  • Aim to keep your homes humidity levels between 30-50% to repel mould and bacteria development (running your air conditioner will reduce humidity inside your home)
  • Decorate your home with air purifying indoor plants

Air conditioning can greatly improve the quality of the air in your home if the system is well maintained. Talk to Temper Troops to find out more about air conditioning maintenance for your area.

Air conditioning units are essential to keep you cool through those hot, humid summers and warm during bitterly cold winter nights. They’re affordable and extremely efficient when it comes to energy usage, as long as they’re kept clean. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your lifestyle and the layout of your home or office.

To minimize energy usage and reduce utility costs, you should clean your AC filters every 6-8 weeks during peak usage. A professional maintenance service is recommended to be done annually in typical residential environments. The energy usage of your AC system can increase to up to 30% if you leave the evaporator and condenser coils dirty and clogged up. If your unit is still under warranty, it is essential to maintain your annual maintenance records to uphold the warranty of your system.

Steps to Clean Your Split System AC filters

  • Turn your system off and isolate the system from power by turning off the isolation switch or circuit breaker.
  • Open the front cover of the unit by placing your hands at either side of the unit and gently pulling the cover forwards.
  • Lift and slide out the two filters inside the indoor unit.
  • Take the filters outside and use a hose to wash away the debris from the filters. Always hose the filters from the rear side in order to not push the debris further into the filters. Allow the filters to dry.
  • Slide the dry filters back into the indoor unit and gently push the cover back down.

 Steps to Clean Your Ducted System AC filters

  • Turn your system off and isolate the system from power by turning off the isolation switch or circuit breaker.
  • Locate the return air grille/s of your system in the ceiling of your home.
  • Using a step ladder for access, unscrew the grub screw on the hinged return air grille/s
  • Lower the hinged part of the grille and slide out the return air filter.
  • Take the filters outside and use a hose to wash away the debris from the filters. Always hose the filters from the rear side in order to not push the debris further into the filters. Allow the filters to dry.
  • Slide the filter/s back into the grille/s, swing the grilles back up and re-secure the grub screw/s.

Get Experts in to Service Your AC Unit

If you’ve cleaned your air conditioning system filters and you still feel it’s not working to its full capacity, it could mean it’s time to get professional aircon specialists in to do a service. We recommend a general maintenance service be carried out annually in typical residential environments. Other symptoms you may notice that could point to it needing a check-up are; water leaks, sudden shut offs, diminished air flow, inaccurate temperature and strange noises or smells.

Another fantastic installation done for a family in Peregian Springs. Temper Troops supplied and install 1 x Daikin 20kw ducted system to the property featuring the My Air Series Five Control.