An air conditioning system that works at full capacity is essential if you live in a hot and humid area. The worst thing that could happen is it starts to die right when you need it! A good plan of action is to get regular maintenance for your air conditioning system, to ensure it keeps on running when you need it.

If you start to notice your ducted aircon system is making some unusual noises, or maybe it just isn’t running at full capacity, this could mean it needs some TLC from an AC expert. Below are some of the essential signs to look out for to know when an air conditioning expert is needed.

Water Dripping from Your Air Conditioning System

You may have noticed water dripping onto the floor or rolling down the wall under your AC. This could mean you have a clogged drain tube which is causing the condensation to leak. It could also mean there’s a more serious underlying problem and it’s essential you get an expert to attend to the leak before the excess moisture leads to mold growth or property damage.

No Cool Air Even at Maximum Fan Speed

If your air conditioning system is set to blow out cool air and you notice it’s coming out warm, this is a common sign of your AC telling you it needs to be serviced. It can be quite a complicated malfunction and its best to call your local aircon company in Brisbane to help you out.

Poor Airflow from Your AC

Maybe you’ve turned your air conditioning up to full blast, but you feel little cooling effect in the room around you? This could be a sign of clogged filters or collapsed ductwork, meaning a buildup of dust and dirt has started causing problems. Alternatively, it could mean the compressor is in need of repair. You can check for blockages yourself, but it’s advised to get an expert in for a thorough clean of your system.

Unpleasant Smells and Strange Sounds

If you notice a burning smell when you turn on your split system air conditioning, turn it off immediately and call your local aircon specialists in. The burning smell could mean burnt wires and possibly be a fire hazard.

A musty smell could mean mold is growing in your system and could lead to the aggravation of health problems like asthma or allergies. Other strange smells could mean there is a blockage or leak in your system and you will need to call in your local aircon company to pinpoint and fix the issue.

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you’ll know there are certain times of year and certain triggers that will make your allergy symptoms flare up. These can be miserable times causing itchy eyes and nose, eyes watering, sneezing, coughing and a range of other not so fun symptoms. A common cause of seasonal allergies is the pollen in the air during the spring and summer months.

If you still suffer allergy symptoms when you’re in your home, this could be from a buildup of dust and allergens that has nowhere else to go. These allergens can be brought from outside on your clothes, on pets, through ventilation systems and open windows. Even regularly hoovering and cleaning will not totally rid your home of all dust and allergens.

Will Air Conditioning Help Allergies?

Having air conditioning installed in your home in Brisbane or any of the surrounding areas will not only help you stay cool on those muggy days, but it will help relieve your allergies. Air conditioning systems remove moisture from the air, which will aid in removing the water-soluble pollutants like pollen and dust from your home.

Just the normal cooling process of an air conditioner, will aid in relieving your allergy symptoms. If you are a severe sufferer, you can even ask Temper Troops about Sensitive Choice approved Daikin systems which include advanced filtration systems. This is the gold standard in producing cool, clean and filtered air and should dramatically decrease your allergy symptoms in your home.

When Can Aircon be Bad for Allergies?

If you have an outdated, poorly maintained air conditioning system, this could in some cases increase your allergy symptoms. When a unit is old or not regularly maintained, the moisture in the room plus dust can build up on the cooling coils and produce mould spores, which in turn can get blown back into your home. Make sure you set out a maintenance plan with your local aircon specialists to prevent this from happening.

Keep Your Aircon System Healthy and Eliminate Your Allergies

Here are some final tips on looking after your conditioning system and other ways to improve your homes air quality.

  • Have your air conditioning system serviced every 6-12 months
  • Clean the filters in your air conditioner every 3-6 months
  • Aim to keep your homes humidity levels between 30-50% to repel mould and bacteria development (running your air conditioner will reduce humidity inside your home)
  • Decorate your home with air purifying indoor plants

Air conditioning can greatly improve the quality of the air in your home if the system is well maintained. Talk to Temper Troops to find out more about air conditioning maintenance for your area.

Air conditioning units are essential to keep you cool through those hot, humid summers and warm during bitterly cold winter nights. They’re affordable and extremely efficient when it comes to energy usage, as long as they’re kept clean. You can choose from a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your lifestyle and the layout of your home or office.

To minimize energy usage and reduce utility costs, you should clean your AC filters every 6-8 weeks during peak usage. A professional maintenance service is recommended to be done annually in typical residential environments. The energy usage of your AC system can increase to up to 30% if you leave the evaporator and condenser coils dirty and clogged up. If your unit is still under warranty, it is essential to maintain your annual maintenance records to uphold the warranty of your system.

Steps to Clean Your Split System AC filters

  • Turn your system off and isolate the system from power by turning off the isolation switch or circuit breaker.
  • Open the front cover of the unit by placing your hands at either side of the unit and gently pulling the cover forwards.
  • Lift and slide out the two filters inside the indoor unit.
  • Take the filters outside and use a hose to wash away the debris from the filters. Always hose the filters from the rear side in order to not push the debris further into the filters. Allow the filters to dry.
  • Slide the dry filters back into the indoor unit and gently push the cover back down.

 Steps to Clean Your Ducted System AC filters

  • Turn your system off and isolate the system from power by turning off the isolation switch or circuit breaker.
  • Locate the return air grille/s of your system in the ceiling of your home.
  • Using a step ladder for access, unscrew the grub screw on the hinged return air grille/s
  • Lower the hinged part of the grille and slide out the return air filter.
  • Take the filters outside and use a hose to wash away the debris from the filters. Always hose the filters from the rear side in order to not push the debris further into the filters. Allow the filters to dry.
  • Slide the filter/s back into the grille/s, swing the grilles back up and re-secure the grub screw/s.

Get Experts in to Service Your AC Unit

If you’ve cleaned your air conditioning system filters and you still feel it’s not working to its full capacity, it could mean it’s time to get professional aircon specialists in to do a service. We recommend a general maintenance service be carried out annually in typical residential environments. Other symptoms you may notice that could point to it needing a check-up are; water leaks, sudden shut offs, diminished air flow, inaccurate temperature and strange noises or smells.

Another fantastic installation done for a family in Peregian Springs. Temper Troops supplied and install 1 x Daikin 20kw ducted system to the property featuring the My Air Series Five Control.

Check out the artist impression of this architecturally designed home at Seven Hills. We have recently completed rough in stage at this project. We have proudly installed another Daikin and MyAir combo!

Temper Troops will commence work on this project next week. We have been contracted to supply and install all air conditioning and mechanical ventilation services to this building. The residences will be air conditioned by Daikin multi-head split systems with a total of 52 indoor units.

Temper Troops air conditioned this multi-residential building using multiple Fujitsu slimline ducted systems.